Monday, May 28, 2007

Richmond, Vancouver BC

We visited Stanley Park. It is a huge park. We only went to 1 part of it. The world famous aquarium is here too. They have beluga whale (the white whale) and with more than 70,000 creatures. I would love to visit if given a chance. However, we do not have the time. Maybe I shall come back next time.

I like Vancouver as it has a good combination of water and mountain. And the weather is nice and cold.

Each Totem poles is unique by itself. It has their own stories.

It was hot there but thanks to the breeze which helps to cool down a little.

We didn't have much time. And I just took the picture of Art Gallery as we stopped in front of the traffic light.

We tried dim sum as well. And yes, it was superb. One bite and I just indulged in it. It was really super yummy. I have not had this super yummy dim sum for a loooong time.

We head back to Seattle after the meal. We do not want to be trapped in the traffic as it was Memorial weekend in US. Well, thank God that the traffic wasn't that bad.

While we were waiting. I went out of the car to take some pictures. A lot of people did that. All the crosses were not there when we went to Canada yesterday and there were all up now.

And so we were back and time for me to do my packing. I am leaving at midnight. My flight is at 2am. So, that's my 3 weeks of US holiday.

Do I like US now? Maybe. I like the shopping at the factory outlets a lot though. Do I want to go US again? Maybe. Since I have been to the West Coast. Maybe I should visit the East Coast, the Niagara Falls. But, well, let's think about that later. I need to start savings for another holiday.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vancouver, Canada

Canada was not in my plan. But, Pei Shih told me to apply my visa just in case we decided to go. And I applied hoping that we will go.

Yes. We are on our way to Vancouver after church and it was raining in Seattle. Pei Shih was trying to contact her friends who were frequent traveller to Canada to find out places to eat.

Since I am the visitor, non-greencard holder. We have to get down from the car to the immigration. Well, it was smooth and fast. I like Canadian. They were friendly. :)

The 1 most obvious change once we were in Canada was the unit of measurement. KM instead of miles.

By the time, we reached the hotel and settled down. It was time for dinner. And we knew about the Summer night market. And we went for that.
The Summer Night Market was really huge with so many people. They sell all sorts of food, mostly Asia food and a lot of other things. Everyone just buy and eat and walk and buy and eat... So, we just joined them. It was fun.
So, this is Richmond Night Market.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Mt. Rainier, Washington

Mt. Rainier is located south of Seattle. It is an active volcano. The height of Mt. Rainier is 14,410 ft (4,392 m).

Finally, I am here on this mountain. The one that I have been seeing from far, from the city and beach.

It was not that near. There was this huge lake on the way there, apparently, it is a dam and people were having water sports on it.

I was so excited as I saw the snow as we ascent. I have not seen any snow for about 10 years now. Ever since I came back from NZ. It wasn't snowing, just ice. Yeah!! I had my hiking boots on thinking can do some hikes. I got this hiking boots at only about US$ 49.99. :) But, well, too bad. The tracks were all covered by snow and we can't do any hike. Even part of the visitor center was still covered by snow. Well, it wasn't that cold and jacket was not needed.

I saw this glacier which was now shorten due to global warming. It was sad that it has to happened that way.

Then, we make a stop at this Christian Fall where we did a bit of hiking here. The water was so clear.

In the evening, Tyson's family came over for BBQ. It was a dinner welcoming me. I felt so touched by them. Thank you so much!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pike Place Market

Visited Pike Place Market. It's a MUST go. Seattle produces lotsa Salmon and it can be found here.

I was there a little early, hence, I just walked around and took pictures of the harbour and the mountains far away. Since it was still early, and the 1st Starbucks is here. I just went in. Wow.. So many people in that small shop. They literally throw the cup after taking order to the coffee maker. Since I am not a caffeine taker, I bought myself a vanila ice blended which was really yummy... And I noticed the logo there was a bit different than the normal. It was the full picture, unlike others which has been truncated.

And I moved on to the market itself. The fruits, the veg, the flowers, the fish, the jumbo lobster tails, huge scallops, Alaskan King crab... wow... they were so fresh, so huge, must be so yummy. Of course, it is a bit pricey too (cos a lot of visitors mar).

And yes, they will 'perfom' throwing huge salmon for cleaning once it has its owner.

And we passed by hmm... another interesting place. Then, later I was told Microsoft is in Seattle also. I should have visited Bill Gate, shouldn't I?!

Later of the day, Pei Shih, Cora and I picked Tyson up from his office at Bellevue to go to cell group. It was cool to attend the cell meeting. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Seattle

Every morning, I went out with Pei Shih at 6.30am. This is even earlier than while I was working.

Today, I went out with Linda, Fong got to know this person in KL and introduced to me. She is a native Indian, Tulalip tribe. We visited the Tulalip casino which is next to the factory outlets, fishing village. It was really nice of her to show me around.

Then, she sent me back to the city. It was about 1 hour drive away.

There are 2 hanging bridge in Seattle. This is one of them. We are going into Mercer Island, passing through Lake Washington. It is a very deep lake. And so, the bridge is hanging. Was told that the bridge was once closed due to stong wind. The water level is almost reaching the road level, that's how I felt. We have to cross this bridge to get into the other side of the city.

We went to Alki Beach. Mt. Rainier was there in the sunset. It is really pretty as it looks like hanging in the air due to the cloud. The sunset was really beautiful. The sun only set at about 9.30pm as it summer was coming. Seattle city with all the lights was just gorgeous!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My flight to Seattle from SF kept delaying. I just sat in the airports for hours. This is the budget airline. Like Air Asia? I don't know. I have not been on Air Asia.

The most important part of my entire trip is to Seattle, to visit Pei Shih. We have not see each other for 10 years. It's been a long time.....

Seattle. The most wet city.

I rested one day and did all my laundry before continue the visiting. hehe..

I went to Space Needle. You may visit to find out more. The escalator is really fast that I didn't even feel anything. It was cold when I went out the day. Of course, the exploration was cool too...

The view from the top of the tower was superb.
Since Pei Shih and Tyson (Pei Shih's husband) have to work. I was on my own. I went to the city with Pei Shih early morning, hang out a bit in her office before taking the bus to the city.

Then, I went back to Pei Shih's office and we went for beef noodle. Vietnamese beef noodle which is really yummy before taking Cora. I saw this cool convertible BMW on Pei Shih's in-laws house and I couldn't resist and took the picture. :p

Monday, May 21, 2007


I felt so weird of not going to church on Sunday. Well, I do not know where to go. So, I went to Borders, library, walked around in the city before I left. I didn't take the cable car as well. Too expensive.

Frankly, I do now understand why so many people like SF so much. Not for me except Alcatraz Island.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alcatraz Island

I have wanted to go to Alcatraz Island. Knowing that it is a very popular place and I have to book my ticket earlier. Another booking through internet. And I changed my ticket to an earlier day since there was a little changed of my schedule. Well, that's alright. I told myself to be flexible, it's a holiday afterall.

I went to Pier 33 to wait for my ferry. Indeed, a lot of people. Some wanted to buy ticket only that morning which they can't get. I was just glad that I had mine earlier.

SF is well known of its fog as well. The fog was still around at about 10am. It was a really short journey from the wharf to the island.

Alcatraz Island was where all the top criminals were kept. They couldn't escape due to the freezing cold water. However, still, they managed to escape and hence it was closed and for visiting.

Was given an audio set where it will guide me and tell me the story. It was really nice. I just need to walk and listen. There were some background sound as well, hence, I just need to imagine and pictured the scenes myself.

The prisoners are not allow to come out at all. If they behaved well, they do get their chance to be at the courtyard.

The city is just at the opposite. Indeed, it has a nice view from this island. Now, seagulls use the island as a nesting place. And we are not suppose to disturb them.

I met someone, Gavin, here. He was also alone, like me. And so, we just walked and be friend. :) Someone I could speak Mandarin after separate with Annie. But, I lost so much of my Mandarin. And Gavin was just wondering if I really know Chinese or not.

From Alcatraz Island, I went to Pier 39, the most happening place at Fisherman's Wharf.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

San Francisco

Arrived at SF in the evening. And I witnessed the fog coming into the city. Cheng's friend picked me up from the airport.

OK. We are joining the rush hour in my holiday. Yes.. I am going to Silicon Valley.

I have been wanting to visit Google, Intel, Yahoo,... You named it. Why on earth do I want to go there? A lot of people couldn't understand. Well, we use the search engines so much, and we use computer with Intel chips so much, I wanted to visit lor. As simple as that only.

So, Brian took me. I was sooooo excited. The funny thing was we have to googled Google's address. And we got there. And we walked. Hey... The place is really cool.. Like offices in the park. Google has a few buildings and I saw people cycling from one building to another, another on her roller skate. Cool... And the best thing was they all greeted me. Well, too bad, I couldn't go in. They do not have a visitor center. I was not allow to go in to the office at all withouth any purpose. Interview? hmm.. Well, sorry, no appointment make. So, I just wonder outside and took pictures. Even that, I was satified. REALLY!!

Next went to Intel. Brian works in Intel, not this office though. And I visited the Intel Muzeum. Cool... We only passedby Yahoo.

Then, we went to the beach. It was a bit chilly. The flowers there are so lovely. I saw Ice Plant, cos it is easily broken.

And we went for a bit of hiking. That's where I got to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, one thing I didn't do was to be on the Golden Gate Bridge. That's ok.

Lombard Street. We drove down rather than walked down. It is the 'crookedest' street in the world. It has 8 sharp turns on a 40-degree slope. The turns, were known as switchbacks, were build in the 1920s to allow traffic to descent the steep incline. There are stairways (without curve) on either side of the street for pedestrians.

I didn't like Haight District in Ashbury. I just don't feel comfortable there at all. But, was told that the creativity and diversity of the community was recognised worldwide. The living style there is exactly like 60's. And I went to Chinatown as well. :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I am so excited to be in the zoo. WHAT??? Yes.. ZOO. I went to zoo. San Diego Zoo = World LARGEST zoo...

I took the bus and went there early as was told it might be a lot of people. I bought the ticket from internet, so, I do not need to queue. hehe...

I saw a lot of animals and I was on the bus. Yes, the zoo is really big. Huge, I must say. Free bus ride, gondola are available.

I spent another whole day just in the zoo. Hence, I didn't borther to go back to Balboa Park.

I really like San Diego. It's not hot. I didn't go to Mexico. I planned for it initially. But, I wasn't sure how safe was it to go alone and too lazy to apply for visa.

San Diego

Met an old uncle in the train and we chatted. Hence, I wasn't so bored afterall. Of course, I must be aware of what I say. I arrived San Diego about midnight and I needed a cab to the hostel. Well, I was really scared to this totally new city in the middle of the night and taking cab by myself. Of course, I have done my studies from internet and books on the location and fare, etc. And I got there safely. *phew*... I am in a room with another 3 girls. It's also my 1st time ever sharing room with total stranger. And yes, I read that I need to be careful with my belonging.

I have to make my own breakfast in the hostel, pancake, which is cool. I like pancake. All inclusive in the rate. Then, I decided to go for a walk in the park. Question: how do I get there? Thank God the people in the hostel are very helpful, perhaps all are travelling and backpacking. So, I was told the direction are all on the wall, so, I picked up the bus route, the map, studied it, try to memorise as much as possible before I go out. Why? If I am alone and having a map in my hand, I am telling the whole world that I am visitor and I might get myself into trouble.

So, I walked to the bus station, went on to the bus and on my way to Balboa Park.

I was there pretty early. Since I got down 2 bus stops that I supposed to be. I just walked and enjoyed and it was really awesome. The weather was just nice to walk. San Diego has always been gloomy.

Balboa Park has a lot of museums, all kinds of museum, and plants, IMAX, Japanese garden, etc. I enjoyed myself so much. There was no rush at all.

Then, I found out that the zoo is just nearby and I could walk there. Yes. I am going to the zoo. Not today, will be there tomorrow.

Since I am alone, I just went back to the hostel, prepared my own dinner, loaded pictures and talked to people. Yes. Indeed, meet different kind of people and hear different stories. I like it! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Las Vegas

Vegas was never a city I wanted to visit. Vegas is just about casinos and it has got nothing to do with me.That was my thinking. I complaint so much to Fong and Cheng when I was doing the planning. Still, I went since it was part of route.

Arrived Vegas after visited Grand Canyon. Checked in Circus-Circus and we have a few options to do at night. And I was told by Fong that I should take up the night tour. Well, since it is the cheapest and to spend my night time. I choose that.

Yes. Indeed, it was great. We were visiting hotel to hotel for their shows. Each casino hotel will have a show at different and the best thing was it is free. :) All the shows were so awesome. The performances were superb. The musical fountain was great! Most of the hotels were huge. And here, the one who has the most number of rooms will be considered as the biggest (MGM was the biggest then). And they are building more and more each year.

Also, went to the old town of Vegas. There, we watched the giant laser show on top of our heads. So many people were standing and waiting for it. When the streets and casinos lights were off, the laser lights up and all was so beautiful. Of course, my neck was so painful as I needed to look up all the time.

The next morning, we spent a few more hours to walk around the city before heading back to LA. I was truly amazed with a city like Vegas in the midst of desert.

So, do I like Vegas? Well, maybe aside the casinos. I think the city is beautiful.

Upon reaching LA in the evening, I have to catch a train to San Diego by myself. Annie (the friend who went with me) is going to NY.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Continue to Grand Canyon

We have to depart at 5.00am to go to Canyon. It's cold out there cos we are in desert mar. Hot in the day and cold at night. And many continued to sleep in the bus and for me woke up means woke up.

Arrived at Grand Canyon National Park at about 9am. Well, too bad that we only got to spend about 1 hour at the site which is pretty sad. My initial plan was to spend a few days there and went down to the bottom of the canyon. Well, since I have financial constraint and most of the trip that I checked were full. I have to choose the alternative.

The canyon is really awesome! Just so amazed by His creation. Each layer of the stones are actually different in colours and it means it is formed in different timing and condition. And the canyon is still growing! Amazing!!! There were one spot where we can see a bit of the Colorado River running through the canyon. And of course, it was super hot there.

The weird thing was when I touched the stone on where I was standing. It was cold. Why? I don't know. I wonder why too... The entire place was just so pack by visitors.

Actually, the canyon will appear as different colours at different time.

Then, we proceed to Las Vegas. Another long journey. Maybe I will come back to Grand Canyon one day and spend 1 week doing all the hike and activities there...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Going to Grand Canyon

Was prepared with long journey and many hours in the bus. I got so excited that I am passing through the desert. Mohabi Desert which crosses 3 states - California, Nirvana and Arizona.

There was nothing much on the way. Besides all the Joshua trees, Smoky Trees, rail track, long train, mountains, etc.. just all the desert thingy.. yet, still there are so awesome.

There is this the only solar collection point in the desert, Solar #1, consists of 19,000 solar plates around it to convert solar into energy.

And the journey continues. I saw this BTS tower which is on the mountain in the midst of desert. Why do I look at tower? Well, too bad, developed this habit since I work in DiGi. Good or bad?

Of course, there were some stops. It's really hot in the desert. No one wanted to get out of the bus. It's like a big oven out there. And it was not even summer yet. Average temperature in summer is about 125F. But, it is already so hot now. Then, I saw some greens and blue in front. I though we were approaching some town or something. Well, it seems near, but, it is so far away still.

Crossed the Colorado River. It divides California and Nirvana. Colorado River runs from Rocky Moutain from Canada all the way to San Diego into Mexico passing through 8 states which 722 miles of it actually runs into Grand Canyon. Hovar Dam was built to cater water in the canyon.

So, we arrived at Lake Havesu where London Bridge was literally moved from London to here. The entire bridge costed US$ 7.46 mil.

Then, the journey continues to Loughlin. Colorado River is just behind the hotel I was staying. It took us whole day from LA to Loughlin and still not canyon yet. Gosh...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Universal Studio

How can I not go to Universal Studio when I am in LA?

It's my 2nd day and I was ready to go to Universal Studio. I wanna see how movies are make though I have been to movie world in Gold Coast, but, it's different mar...

We passby LA city. Well, we joined the rushed hour since it's morning that everyone needa get to work.

We took the bus ride where it will bring us for the Studio tour. The Studio is huge! Initially, I felt a bit bored as those movies making stages are just like warehouse, so much like Gold Coast. Just that these are slightly bigger, I reckon. Something special was there have a few bungalows here for editors, writters and producers for them to do their work. So, they will be staying here too.

The exciting part came, the scenese for the movies/ shows. Houses for Desperate Housewives, the vehicles and equipements for Jurassic Park, Fast & Furious. They even showed us the technology for Fast & Furious.

The cool thing was how the weather forecast man was making news. They had this thing where it will rain, thunder, flood, etc..

Then, we went on to see how earthquake was make. arh.. the King Kong. Too bad that it was only 1 King Kong left as the others were taken for refurbishment. :( Well, better than none.

Oh.. I had a roller coaster ride in the Jurassic Park where it plunge straight down from 84-foot height. That was really fun as we will see dinosaurs with all the sound effect throughout the journey. And I think that was really cool...

Then, surely, I went for all the 3Ds show. Just a short, 30 minutes, show. I watched 'Honey, I shrunk the audience' and 'Terminator 2'. Also, 'Shrek' on 4D. The 3D was very different from what we have here. We felt the water, the rats coming to our legs and chair,... Basically, it involves senses and really make us wanna touch it. No doubt that 4D was much better.

So, I really had a great time in Universal Studio. It was great!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Los Angeles

After planning for about a year, I am flying to US. Am I excited? Sure... Who doesn't like vacation.

Los Angeles. Everyone flies into LA. It was quite a long flight. Transit in Taiwan. The food in EVA airline was yummy. I like the breakfast best. Porridge with chicken floss.

Someone from the travel agent picked us (Annie and me) up upon arrival. The custom clearance was smooth. But, please do not have high expectations of LA airport. Can I compare it with Subang airport?! Maybe... It's dark...

After reaching the hotel. I realised that my lock was kinda dented and I couldn't open it. How was I going to take my things out? And it was night time!!! There was a ground personnel at the reception and I was hoping and praying that he could help me. He couldn't. But thank God there was a taxi driver who was willing to help. He used a penny to 'repair' the lock and managed to open it. Then, we rested.

The next morning (strangely I wasn't jetlagged), we were scheduled to go to Disneyland. Well, after Dreamworld in Goldcoast, I wasn't exactly keen on Disneyland. But, I was in LA, so, I had to go.(Part of the tour) And yes. I had lotsa fun. All the rides and the fairy tales characters. And the castle.

And I enjoyed the parade very much. It was almost summer and so, it was still bright when the parade started and ended when it was about to get dark.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gunung Angsi

Went to Gunung Angsi, Ulu Bendul. Another training hike.

It was wet and muddy thanks to the rain the earlier day. And I had a great fall, and was 'yellow'. yucky...

Gunung Angsi was even tougher than Gunung Datuk. Need to cross the river and climb. And even more humid. Then, at one point I thought I was going to die. And I wanna go home. What on earth am I doing in this place torturing myself.

And still, I reached the top. It was kinda cloudy and I prayed that it will not rain. And indeed God is good. Well, we rested, makan our food, took pictures, enjoyed the view until it was really hot and headed down.

And we decided to use the short cut. So, we passed by this place where we can oversee the dam which is so awesome. Also, told that we can see KLCC tower. Well, I couldn't see anything though.

When we reached the foothill, only we realised that we are at the other side of G. Angsi. So, someone has to go back and take the car to ferry us back. Really pengsan...

Again, another 3 days walking, sitting and laughing with great difficulties to walk and move in office. aiyoo... And the best thing was I am going to Bangkok for a 2-day Biz trip the following day. How on earth am I going to walk in the airport and to Telenor Office. People must be wondering why am I walking like a crab. haha... :D pengsan...