Sunday, September 28, 2008


Went to market with mom after church today. Heavy traffic as usual. I was really careful and while on the way back, this Toyota Harrier parked at aside bang and kissed my butt.... Ouchh.....

I got down and saw a big scratch... Again, ppl kissed my butt...

Well, at 1st I was furious and thought of asking that fella to pay me. Well, since he can afford to drive a brand new Toyota Harrier and bang my Wira.... Somehow a small voice in me told me to show kindness. And the conversation went:

Me: aiyoo!!! Uncle, why you want to kiss my butt ( I thought of using ass, but, that's too rude).
Uncle: Sorry. I was looking at the lorry behind me.
Me: But, you should be careful of the car infront of you also ler... So, how?? Uncle. You see, the paint and my bumper dropped already.
Uncle: So, how?
Me: You drive big car, you tell me how lar.. I have to work in KL ler.. Where I can get this fix? You tell me how lar.. How you want to settle lar??? Some more today Sunday. Where to fix wor???
Uncle: I also dunno.
Mom: Where you come from?
Uncle: Port Dickson.
Me: (Maybe I should show mercy)... So, how?? You give me your number lar.. I go fix and I contact you lor..
Uncle: Ok.. OK... I will not run away one. (He is taking out his business card).
Me: Wah... You are GM arh... Sure cannot run away lor....
Mom: oh.. We have got your number also... Definitely cannot run away.

Back to the car.. Mom was still kinda angry. For me, I think it's more of pain rather than anger. No one wanted accident. But, the pain. And his car, nothing wrong. Everything was ok. For sure, since his car is much bigger and stronger than mine... *sob*sob*...

Last year, almost same time, near to Raya, someone (taxi) kissed my butt... gosh.... what's happening....

And I went to fix it after lunch.. The workmanship was bad.. That fella put 2 skrews to ensure it's not dropping.. aiyoo..... where got like that one... really pengsan...

Aiks... now, the paint.. and the pain.... :(

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Not sure about those who visit my blog regularly, I realised that I have less and less posts in blog after the 2nd half of the year. Wonder???

1. Less events
2. Too busy (this is not good... been working none stop, last week, I worked for more than 36 hours continuously)
3. Too tired
4. Too lazy

Yeah!! I need a kick to motivate me to blog...

Recently, I thought of blogging my life/ time in NZ. What's so special? Indeed it's very special... I wouldn't say that it's the happiest moment. It's the special 2 years that I have had memories that I still remember till now... Also, since a few people have been asking me about travelling to NZ. haha.. I shall introduce them to my blog them. haha.... pengsan... Seriously, I would like some feedback how many would like to see some NZ blog???

Happy Birthday - Ole Martin

We celebrated Ole's birthday on Friday which his actual birthday is on 20th. Well, initially, we thought of gave him a surprise at Lot 30. But, since he was over at Lot 10 and we had IC meeting, so, we did it in Lot 10 instead.

Yupe... It's a nice ice cream cake.. :)

Blessed Birthday!!!!!

p/s: He just realised that TMT couldn't sing... hahah... That's not too late... pengsan...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


TMT is trying to have a quarterly workshop. (A lot of ppl thought: wah!! Go out and have fun!! Well, if you have a chance, you don't even wanna be there... It drains the brain!!!) My agenda, Roller Coaster, will be one of them and some other topics would be discussed. The last time was tiring. Well, personally, I didn't quite look forward for this as it means a lot of work and preparation needed from me. BUT, it's definitely a very worthwhile discussion and everytime, I learnt a lot out of it. (Of course, very tired and a lot of work come out of it)...

This time around, it is heavier on me as we discussed and more focus on Roller Coaster and target. Aside preparing, I presented/ facilitated. Gosh... It's not easy at all...

On the 1st time, I was blessed with someone to drive me which means I managed to do some preparation in the morning and able to get some rest on the way back. And I drove myself the 2nd day which I nearly fall asleep on my way back.

Well, we went for some relaxation after the 1st day of workshop. For me, what I really want was a bed. Then, the food and of course, we celebrated Kjersti's birthday. She had her two lovely kids over.

Time really flies in the workshop. We really had long and good discussion. And when's the next? I don't even dare to think about it. As I foresee the next one will be heavy too!!! Well, at least, we see result and fruits... Only 1 thing that I would wish to touch more on - PEOPLE!!! The MOST important asset of all....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday - after Merdeka

It's dad's birthday!!! And it's public holiday.

I went to walk/ hike with Eunice early in the morning. Fetched her from her home at about 6.30am and she said, we are going to Bukit Kepayang. I said, what? My knees... Anyway, we went. And wow... so many youths.. all kids.. So many of them... It's public holiday, no work, no school.

Conversation among them was really kidz.. haha... That's what I thought. Well, I tried to mix, challenging. Most of the time, I couldn't understand what they were talking about. I was wondering, do they really understand each other? Oh... I am so out of their generation. And they are so energetic.

Of course, we went for breakfast.

It rain really heavily in the afternoon and it's cold. I like it, but, some roads infront and behind my house start to be flooded.