Saturday, January 30, 2010

Short break to Penang

Have been saying wanted to go for a short break since 2009. Finally, we are making it regardless.

Departed KL at about 9am on Friday. It's a company off day due to Thaipusam on Saturday. Boon Hwa's car was loaded with gadgets and wires. Like so hi-tech. But, he was scolding on the different systems. While Karim was using multiple phones to make phone calls on some work related things.

Then, we were saying shall we stop at Ipoh, Taiping or straight to Penang? Then, we decided to go to Taiping. Next was what to eat. hmm..... so many and yet still don't know what to eat. Then, we settled with something simple as we are going to eat again in Penang. Of course, i wanted to have cendul since I have read about it in the web.

Indeed the cendul was nice. I love it. So, did Karim. It's really yummy. It wasn't so sweet and the cendul was so nice, ie, soft. I really like it. :) Bismillah Cendul located at the corner of shop and diagonally of George's school.

Then, we headed to Penang. Arrived at Penang wondering what to eat again. So, we went for Nasi Kandar. I said, Nasi Kandar Line Clear (blog said it wasn't so bad). As we walked inside, we can see them cooking, so, no worries of the food. It's kinda like open kitchen. :)

The food: so spicy (at least for me). I couldn't eat so much any more as was filled.

oh... of course, we went for the Penang cendul. Another cendul within an hour or so. I didn't quite like it as I think the one in Taiping was better. The coconut milk (santan) and gula melaka in Penang just different. However, Boon Hwa loves it though. hmm.... :s

So, what's next? Head back to hotel and rest.... Too full. Too much food in the stomach.

Then, evening/ dinner. Food again?! Seafood. We went to Teluk Tempoyak for some Malay style of seafood. It was nice. Nice place, nice food. :) We ate so much.... gosh...

Thereafter, headed to Gurney Drive. The traffic going to town was terrible. I kinda fallen asleep in the car. And we settled at 75 C for a drink. Surprisingly, TBH ordered a bowl of prawn mee. He was really enjoying it. There, we just lazed ourselves, enjoying the music, the ampience.

Arrived back to hotel closed to midnight. Then, was told b/fast at 7.30am. Uh!!!??? It's weekend, it's suppose to be holiday and sleep in. hmm...... :(

Next morning. We went to Penang Hill after our breakfast. We have to passby the very happening market of Air Hitam. It was so interesting to see so many ppl and yet all the cars trying to go through the busy street.

Bought the ticket to Penang Hill via cable car. While we were waiting for the cable car, an 80 year-old uncle was talking to me. He had a garden up there and he was selling flowers. He was wondering why so many knew that the cable car was in-service (1st day) after closing for 9 days. Well, I must say we were just being so blessed. We talked so much on the way up till I have to 'abundant' Karim + TBH.

Halfway, we have to change cable car. This was so interesting. The entire ride from bottom to top took about 30 minutes. The cable car will be closed on 22 Feb onwards till further notice for upgrade and maintenance. They are changing it to 2 lanes and faster train. This ride reminds me of my time of varsity. We have to take cable car to school, or, drive up to the hill or walk up the 100 steps of stair case. hmm... normally, I will choose to take the cable car. :)

Had coconut drink after some walk around at Penang Hill. It wasn't as many people as I thought would be. Weather at Penang Hill was lower than the island though it was still quite hot.

My coconut drink was frozen inside and I couldn't get the fresh out. :( All was frozen. On the way down, both men were saying better to have a free fall ride. hmm.... crazy..

Karim and us were kinda separated after we have changed the cable car on our way down. He was kinda 'ambused' by the Indians.

The cable car was packed with ppl on our way down. It read that the capacity of cable car of 80 ppl, but, I think it was more than that.

After that, we went back to hotel for check-out at 1pm. And off we left Penang Island.

What's for lunch? Karim's friend suggested prawn noodle at Sg. Dua. Wow.... indeed it was so nice. The prawn was so big. We also ordered some sotong kangkong. Nice. :)
Then, time to go home. It was raining quite heavily on the way back. We stopped by Tapah for a drink and thereafter all the way home.
It was a nice short trip that I enjoyed. Didn't plan much, just let the things took place which I think was cool. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pan-mian in SS15, Subang Jaya

Supposed to meet KEI at Kopitiam at SS15, Subang Jaya. Then, I was told they are closing at 7pm. So, we have to changed place for food. Where to go? Station 1, pan-mian or where...? As we have decided to walk instead of drive, though I am still limping. We have decided to go for pan-mian.

Before reaching 面对面, we saw this Little Kitchen. It looks quite interesting and quite a lot of ppl in there. So, we went in for a try. Wow... so many types of pan-mian. I was curiously asking what's the difference of their pan-mian with the one in
面对面. They said, just different style. Then, I asked, so, what's the best seller? The guy showed us a few. OK. Then, we ordered.

KEI ordered the set meal comes with centurian egg dumpling pan-mian with drinks @ RM7.50. It's the Wed special meal. I ordered the chinese herbal chicken soup based pan-mian. Both of us wanted the home made soya milk with a bit of sugar.

I asked permission to take pictures of the food telling them that I am going to share in the web so more ppl get to know them.

Then, the food came. Wow... soya milk taste good. The noodle came. Looks interesting. Taste good too. yumm.... and we just indulged in our food. The chillis were not very special. It's ok. :)

We were so full after finished our pan-mian and soya milk.

wow.... I will come back again and test/ taste on different type of pan-mian. Then, we saw a lot of ppl ordered side dish as well as tao-fu-hua. hmm... i think should be nice.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gunung Datuk

Thought no more hiking/ climbing for the rest of the year after G. Nuang 2 weeks ago. Then, I went again today to Gunung Datuk. It's much shorter than Nuang, for sure. Up and down of 4 hours.

There were so many ppl. So many groups of ppl.

I was worried as my hiking boots gave way in Nuang hike and I was on normal sports shoes which will not have good grip. Still, I think should be ok.

Francis came to fetch me at about 7.20am. We started the climb at about 8.50am. It was kinda tough as it was vertical climb from the beginning. I was with Min Chee, Fong and Douglas. We were taking it slowly as Min Chee wasn't feeling very well. There were about 40++ of our team. Quite a big group. We have ppl from Seremban, KL and even Singapore. :O

Peter Lai and Dr. KK being the leader while Steve Yap and Jason Wong being the sweeper.

We saw the Fatman paper trail which was use in G. Nuang hike as well as a guide of direction.

Then, we saw Pat, she was struggling as well which was weird. Then, I called KG and Karim for S.O.S. While they tried to come down, we walked slowly and shared the load up as well. After they met us and helped, they sped off again.

We reached the peak at 10.44am, which we took almost 2 hours. hmm...

It was so windy up there. And since we were wet, we felt a bit chilly. Min Chee was trying to hide from the wind by staying behind the rocks. Funny... We didn't go up further as there were too many ppl and congested. Also, we have been there. So, we give the chance to those who has not been there before.

We just enjoyed ourselves and it was nice. :)

Then, time to descend. My shoes really didn't have a good grip and i find it really challenging... :( And I slipped and fall just before the hut stop. Ouch.... It was painful. I applied some antiseptic and it was still bleeding. Then, not much choice, Douglas sprayed something which is supposed to seal the wound by forming a layer of 'plastic' over it. I was really screaming when he did that on me. It was so painful... Well, I think the cut (3 of them) were too deep and the blood still continue to flow.... Gosh....

Finally I reached the base. Eunice said, we look slightly more than an hour to descend. hmm.... Time to shower and change. Too bad, no water. So, just changed.

Then, we went for lunch.

And I went for anti-tetanus jab after I got home. And fluid still coming out and my antiseptic medication just continue to flow down.... Now, my hand also pain due to the jab. It's more painful then the Hep B jab I had 2 weeks ago. :(

Overall, it was quite a good climb. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gunung Nuang

Was struggling if I should go Gunung Nuang or not as it has really been a nightmare for me when I was there in 2007 ( This time, I have told Fong that I will just accompany here and I do not want to summit. Reaching Kem Pacat (leech) is enough for me and I will turn around. The place is now done up much better than 2007. At least a proper toilet and shower place. Building more chalets.

I was so tired when I got home on Thursday (31/12) and just them that I do not want to go. Somehow, I started to pack after few smses. And I ended up sleeping at 12.30am and have to wake up at 3am as someone is picking me up at 4am (I think).

Next morning, the car came, and I am the driver. Well, I thought just to pick up a few and it wouldn't be me driving there planning to catch some sleep in the car. Well, I was too innocent to think that. I drove all the way, following Peter Lim's pick-up truck. He was driving really fast. We left Seremban about 5am to Gunung Nuang at Hulu Langat, Selangor. The journey took 1.5 hours.

There were altogether 43 of us from everywhere (KL, Seremban, Kuantan, Belgium). We started assending at 7.15am after a short prayer by Dr. KK. We had the buddy system where no one should walk around at all times. Either team up or stay together. It is very important as a team activity and as partner stay together. Also, radios were prepared for communications. I think there were about 4 - 5 radios in total.

There were 2 Francis Tan (1 from KL, 1 from Sban) and 2 Rachel (David's daughther and me). So, it was quite confusing at times. hahah..

We started the never ending road, it was small rocks and up and downhill, I was told that stretch itself was 5KM. Well, I was supposed to buddy with Fong, but, we kinda changed partner where I was partnering with Francis Tan (Sban). There were lots of bamboo all the way.

Then, we started on the real climbing after the 5KM walk. Well, we have to cross 3 waterfalls + 1 dam. Thereafter, it was just forest. For me, the forest was considered thick as there were shade. We reached Kem Lolo at 9.25am. Kem Lolo is after the 1st waterfall and the dam. And Kem Lolo is the 2nd river crossing. Then, we continued walking upwards. A lot of cossing tree trunks (fallen tree) as well. Thank God that though KL has been raining, the place seems to be quite dry and it was good for climbing.

Then, we reached Kem Pajat at 11.12am. It was already 4 hours climbing for me. And this is where I got bitten by leech (and the mark is still around) when I was here in 2007. This time, I didn't see any leech at all. Instead, lots of bees. This is where I have planned to stop and turnaround.

While we rested, we saw KL Chan's shoes was so weird. He told us that the outer layer of the shoes came off. Wow...

My legs started to ache and I do not wish to push myself. Also, I noticed that my soles are opening up. But, KG insisted and pushed Fong & I to go further. With much hesitation we went. We saw a big bee hive. Wow... scary.

After Kem Pajat, it was almost 90 degree climb (maybe I was too extreme), but, a lot of times, I need to really climb by holding to the roots and rocks and pushed myself up. It was really tough. Then, I reached Kem Pengasih (Passionate) at 12.59pm. It was 1.30 hours for me. KG insist me to go to the Summit. I also insist that I do not want to do so. Mainly knowing my own ability and limit. Also, I knew that descending will be much tougher and I am slow, hence, I need to turnaround so that I do not get trapped in the dark like 2007 again.

Kem Pengasih has quite different scenic than Kem Pajat. It is more moist here. It's like in the story book kind of feeling. :)

After rested and eaten some food, of course photos session. We started to descend. It was about 1.30pm. My legs were really really painful. My legs refused to listen to my order and I just felt that I couldn't control them. Whenever I stopped, I could feel my legs were wobbling and it was horrible. A lot of the times, I had to lift them up using my hands to cross those tree trunks.

On the way down, I saw this place where I can see the dam. The dam that serves the ppl in Selangor.

Then, we have to cross the 3 rivers + 1 dam as well. I slipped on the 1st as my legs were really tired and no strength.

And we came out and started the never ending walk. As mostly are descending, I tried to break, but, each time I did that, the toes were hurting me badly. And so I have decided to follow the gravity to have small jog, fully aware that it will hurt my knees. For me, I just want to get out fast. It was twilight and again, I was walking alone. I old myself that I must get out before 7pm. And I did. It was tiring. Those early arrival left for home after freshen up.

Then, KG and Fong didn't get out yet. Peter Lim was out and I heard him making arrangement to open the gate so he could drive his pick-up truck in to take 3 more ppl + 5 others from other group.

All were safely out before 9pm. Freshen up and we left the place to have dinner at Semenyih. There were only 4 of us, we had dinner at about 10++pm. Arrived home at 1.30am after escorted Peter home and sending Fong home.

It was a really long day, 3am - 1.30am. Well, Nuang is still a nightmare for me. And I do not want to go back again.