Sunday, February 27, 2011

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, 2011

I was make known about the SCHKM even prior my Dec'10 mission trip. Then, I said, I wanted to tag along (unsure if I was welcome or not...). When I was away in London, I was told to book ticket to HK. Still, I was unsure if and should I go or was it because I was too pushy that I wanted to tag along. So, I only booked ticket for Karim. Then, he said, he wanted me to go along and so I bought myself a ticket too. :) But, why do I go? Yeah!!! I wanna meet my friends there.

Then, I started to look for hotels and told my friends that I am coming. It was so exciting. And yes, I wasn't running at all. I just go 'keh-poh' (busy body)... :D

Our flight was supposed to depart at 9.30am, but, it got delayed by 2 hours because the computer was down and the radar was down too. Gee... the cabin door was then opened for emergency purposes and we were served with nuts and drinks. Still, it didn't satisfy me. :( Well, think of it, the journey was supposed to be 3 hours and we gotta spent 5 hours in the flight. It wasn't a bad deal, uh?! hahaha...

So, we got into Hong Kong late. We stayed in B P International Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was not so bad. Small, yet clean, tidy. And the most important is it is near to shopping area, food, MTR. I would go back to stay if I ever go to HK again.

After checking into hotel. We went out to shopping while waiting for Chris to meet us for dinner. Karim did lots of shopping, until I almost got myself a job in the Royal Sporting House too. ;P As we walked to the dining area, we saw StandChart having some mascots promoting the marathon. Oh.. the weather. It was a bit cold and I really love the weather as Malaysia was really cold.

Then, we went for Pakistani food. It was nice. I was hungry but ate little. ohh... it was a tiring day...

Next day?! Oh... must remember to collect Karim's running pack. So, we went to Victoria Park. Wow... it was awesome place. Many people were doing picnic, exercise, collecting pack. Most interestingly, the work to prepare the finishing line was on-going. We took lots of pictures, we met a Philipino Chinese group. Ya. They were running too. And so was Karim, not me. :)

Then, we walked/ shopped around at Causeway Bay. Karim's friend, Lim Eng Wah, met up with us and we had lunch. I think it's really nice meeting up old friends.

Timesquare is where we went next. And guess what? We saw tulips!! I love tulips!! :)

We were told another Malaysian running friend, Cynthia (?), fall sick. So...? We went back to hotel, put our things, took some medication and head to Mongkok to visit her. arh... Mongkok, very happening place. Quite complicated. I don't quite like the place. hmm... My friend, Ellen, a friend I met in 2009 at the mission conference trip, she came to meet up with us for dinner. oh.. Chris came to join us too. So, we went for Japanese food. For me, it's not so much of the food, but, the company of friends. Yeah... Nice catching with friends who shared the same vision, passion. :) Karim didn't join us for a show. Ellen's friend, Eunix Lee 李卓庭, a Hong Kong pop artist/ singer, was singing/ having a show. We went to visit her. Then, I found out, they are Christian too. Wow.... what really encourages me was that seeing the real artist busy life, smiling, taking picture, giving autographs, and yet preparing to sing/ perform on stage. I saw her prayed before going on-stage. Ellen asked if I could pray for the team when the whole show was over. Yes. I would. We prayed. It touches me more, they are not ashame to group together to pray. We prayed in the mall, in the corner. Wow.. it was a good experience.

Sunday came. I walked down to the starting point with Karim. Ya.. taking his jacket, bag, etc right before he started the marathon. I thought of getting a bit more sleep before heading to church. Well, it's hard. :( I went to a church at Tsim Sha Tsui, ECC International at YMCA. I found this church on internet. Joined them. It was a short and yet awesome Sunday Service.

Thereafter, took MTR to Causeway Bay. Gee.... it was really jammed pack with people. Why? Because a lot of road close and so many people took MTR than ever. I reached the spot at hour 5 thinking and wondering where's Karim. After about 30 minutes, then, I received a text. Gosh.. He was at the waiting area waiting for me. Then, I found out, he did the full marathon, 42KM, in 4.56 hour. Gee.... That was a great job done!

hmm... ok... I rushed there, seeing him standing in pain and cold. OK. I feel sorry. :s Seriously sorry. So, how? Wanna take a taxi back. But, wait, road were closed, so, no way we can get taxi. We just gotta walk really slowly to the MTR, took train back.

Yeah.. the afternoon, since Karim was in pain, I went out with another friend, Venus, a friend I met at mission conference trip too. She bought me egg tarts (yummy), almond cookies, and more cookies. So, Karim resting in the hotel, while I went out. hahah... We went to Tsim Sha Tsui, Star walk.. of course, prior reaching there, we went for some shopping. Walk is the thing. We walked a lot.. really a lot.. And art gallery. wow.. all the lights were awesome!! There were amazing. So, we had dinner, huge portion of noddle which I only managed to ate a quarter. It was funny. I couldn't stop but kept laughing. As I asked for more coriander, so, it came as it whole bowl of coriander was what I ordered.

Yeah!! All my friends complaint (as usual) that my trip to Hong Kong was way too short. Yeah!! I wanted to go to Noah's ark exhibition, the outlet malls, etc.. No time.. I wanna go Hong Kong again. And Ocean Park.

Hong Kong friends!! Thank you for making my trip such an unforgettable one. I love you guys! :)