Sunday, May 8, 2011

Singapore - Shanghai - Singapore (May 2011)

This job need me to travel quite a bit. So, after 2 weeks in Malaysia, another (extra) trip to Singapore for SAP transformation. Then, to Shanghai where my boss (was supposed) to introduce me to the bosses there.

Then, it ended up I was introducing myself most of the time. :S

It was a short trip. Staying in Ritz Carlton in Spore which was really cool. And I spent the weekend meeting up with long time friends. A friend (ah-yong) kept the key chain she has bought since 5 years ago and pass it to me. So sweet. :)

Also, Spore trip allow me to visit grandpa and aunt. So, I celebrated mother's day with them. Did cycling. haha...
Reaching Shanghai on Sunday, checked-in, rush to church. Church service is here quite different. Only foreigners can go to church. Locals will have a separate church service. It's a small church and all were pack together.
Then, my HR colleague took me to cheng-huang-miao (tourist spot) and I find that's nothing so special. Food wasn't fantastic, in fact, tasteless. And we saw this hanging pot. ok.. i was impressed. It was just supported by 1 pipe at the bottom.

China. A country that I have never put in my travel list. Now, I have to be here very frequent for work. Where is God leading me? Obedience is key.

This trip was awefully tired. My flights were all early in the morning, so, I have to wake up at 3am or 4am to check-out and go to airport. And this trip makes me sun burnt (don't know from where) and skin was peeling terribly on my forehead.