Saturday, November 28, 2009

Taman Pertanian/ Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam

It's been N years since I last cycled. Unsure if I still know how to. Hoever, I've make few phone calls, sent few sms yesterday prior decided to go to Bukit Cahaya today. Have been hearing ppl talking about it. And since we have said we wanna go, so, go lar...

Only the 3 of us. Well, it was raining in the morning and kind of worried.

Anyhow, we still went. We were not very sure of the direction, just followed the signboard and the signboard kinda missing after awhile. Roughly, head towards Tesco in Shah Alam, then, all the way straight. Until seeing signboard turning right. Then, all the way straight again. I think it's about that. haha... have to ask my friend who drove. I was just sitting in the car enjoying myself. :p We arrived there about 9-ish am.

The park only open at 9am - 4,30pm. Close on Monday except it is a public holiday.

Car need to pay an entrace fee of RM1. Then, each person (adult) cost RM3 per person. Then, had some light breakfast, which was really expensive.

We proceeded to rent a bicycle though there's a skytrex which pre-booking through internet is required. There are 2 types of package on bicycle: old and new. Old one starts with RM3 for the 1st hour and thereafter RM1 per hour. New one starts with RM5 for the 1st hour and thereafter RM1 per hour. We took the new ones.

Tested and started the journey. Well, moutain bikes is different from the normal bikes. Found it so breathless to cycle and up the slope. The roads were tarred, just the terrained was tiring. At one point, chain on TBH's bike was lossen which need to be fixed. Good to have engineer around. ;)

We passed-by the Skytrex. So many people, no wonder booking is required.

It started to drizzle and since we needed rest, we just went to the shelter place. Then, we headed back. It was still early, but, tired already, also, TBH needed to go back for lunch appointment. It's even tougher. Gosh... I have to push my bike going uphill sometimes. Going downhill was fun, have to watch out and be careful though as the road is winding also.

The place is so big, in total about 8KM for cycling, think we only cover 3KM or less. In total, we only spent about 1.5 hours cycling after N years. hahah....

Well, the only drawback was the toilet facility is not very well. It would be much better if they have the shower host for people to freshen up after the exercise.

Then, it's meal time, so hungry. Went to Damansara for nasi lemak. So many people. (ooppss... to hungry till I didn't and also forgot to take picture).

We went to 1 Utama to see a few other friends doing wall climbing after dropping TBH. My palms and feet sweat too seeing them doing that. I reckon, it's something I will not do. :(

Had ice cream at McD before I head home. It's nice to have a nice shower and rest afterall. :)

Yeah... I would like to go back there for cycling though.

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