Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Portable fan

For those who knew me in the office would have known that I always complaint hot at where I am sitting at the moment. That area is really hot. I even had a name for it - 'hell' where the other side of the office is 'heaven' which is much cooler and nicer. A lot of times, I will fan myself literally. Strangely, others feel cold at 'hell'... :S

One day, Boon Hwa said, why not get a USB fan. I was like arh-uh? Where to? How? And I don't shop in KL, not KL fan at all...

I received a MMS from him on Sunday night which I thought was a box of medicine (he is uncle mar...) but, written there, something interesting to show me... I was thinking fan?!

And I saw him using the fan when I got into the office. hahaah... Quite cool... He spent RM13.50 for that and it works, not that strong wind, better than the hot-cond (opposite of air-cond.. hahhahah... :D). And he gave it to me?! Wow... so generous of him. But, I decided to share rather to own it.

Arh.. I can make the thing turn too, manually, use hand.. hahaha.. pengsan...

It's like a new toy. Another new toy after the gun thingy.. hahaha... :D Not sure how long it can last though, Boon Hwa actually asked me to do a stress test... ha...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A gift

Chooi Yee encouraged me with this book after church today. I will surely read it. And it's in Chinese where I am able to read faster than Engligh. ;) Was so touched as I shared a few things with her and especially my desire to go for mission trip. Thank you so much... :) Was so encouraged after talking to Annie (someone from OM) last Friday. Their level of faith in doing God's work sometimes put me to shame of myself....

Who am I without God???

Nyonya sandal

Mom learnt to sew the beads and make them into shoes from her group of friends which I can't remember how she got to know about. She enjoyed hanging out with them and learning different things from them. It started with beads for shoes and then the lantern during Chinese New Year, some cooking, etc.

She has been waiting for me to take her to Melaka to make those into shoes after she has done with the beads. Where I haven't had the time and one weekend she told me she has gone to Melaka with friends and 2 weeks later, I was back from KL. She showed me the shoes. Wow.... They are so pretty, aren't they? All these were sewed by hands, each beads.... Each would cost at least RM100 (just the cost). I told mom that would be able to get from Vietnam too. She said, her friends has said, the workmanship can't compare with the hand made by them especially they knew how to do it.

And now, I am placing my order to mom... hahaha.... I am not one who loves sandals but, I like the design very very much.. and handmade by mom. It's so different....

Do you want to order one? Contact me or mom. :) I won't ask her to make as gift for my friends (sorry) as it really cost her (esp eye sight). Well, or you can get to know my mom and pray that she will make one free for you.. hahaha...

Maybe I should learn from her. Just that I am really not good at sewing.. remember the cross-stich??... :S

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day out to Sitiawan

This is a planned day trip. Has been delayed for quite some time as we still have the stock though aunty in Singapore has ran out of. What stock? 'So-mian' in Fuchow (long life noodle - direct translation)... The very long noodle where Chinese especially eaten on one's birthday symbolizes long life.

Since I am the transporter next month to bring things for my sister, this is one of the item that I need to bring for her.

We only like the handmade one and we only know we can get it from Sitiawan. Where we still have to sun it before keep them and slowly enjoy it with chicken soup. Yeah... Now, we can eat more rather than counting everytime (such a precious thing... )... hahaha..

Departed from home at about 9am from home. Was there for lunch, the special Fuchow dishes were yummy.... We went to Bei King Restaurant as told by Daniel. :)

Then, proceed to get the noodle, the Kg. Koh's Chilli paste and kong-piang (hard biscuit, very yummy especially freshly baked from the special stove. I shared 1 with mom (and we had our lunch). Was so full. Since no one wanted to go to Teluk Batik with me, we headed back.

Decided to make a detour to Teluk Intan. Well, since we didn't get the nice cendol in Sitiawan (my sister forgotten where), we went for the nice ABC (air batu campur). When grand-pa and -ma were still in TA (Teluk Intan was known as Teluk Anson previously) and we used to visit, we will definitely go to this stall for the ice-kacang. They have uplifted the place which is much better. At first, the owner can't recognise us till pa and ma talked to him. Well, the serving is still as big. I think the price rises (RM1.90 per bowl), but, hey, it's still much cheaper than KL and Seremban. We really enjoyed it. It was so full as it's so big bowl. I would recommend anyone who goes to TA for this.

So, time to head home. Stopped at Ulu Bernam R&R for the car to take a break too. Had our dinner (supposed to be simple meal, since we had so much food earlier, ended up still a feast....)... Gosh.... All of us were so full that none of them can talk after that except me keep talking on the way back as else, I think the driver (me) will fall asleep too. So, I gonna exercise my mouth to burn some energy and keep me awake.

Overall, it's a nice trip. Enjoyed it. Maybe will be better if could stay overnight. And yes, eat and buy a lot as usual.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

NASA migration

Finally, the day was here. NASA is on migration. NASA is a prepaid system where it will be moved to a faster and more robust system. The team has been working on the project for more than 2 years and the actual migration has delayed for 1 year. And finally, this is the moment.

The team actually started the migration at 10pm on 22nd. A lot of them were involved and all were split into 2 shifts (running for 24 hours) namely day and night shift. I have told Boon Hwa that I will accompany him for breakfast for the 2 days where he will be in office since 4am.

The 1st day, where I actually also dreamt about the go or no-go decision at 3++am that everything went smoothly which the end result was alright (I also stress.. aiks... ). Chee Kong rang me at 7.15am if I were in office and would like to go for b/fast. I knew it was ok. Then, we went to Puchong for dim sum and back to office at 9am. Wow.... We packed some for some of those who were still working from night shift.

The townhall actually turned into a migration hall where we had all the DiGi team, vendors working. Wow... Felt like in a war zone (at least for me). Everyone worked towards one goal - to make NASA a success. I am really impressed and touched.

I knew many worked for more than 24 hours non-stop for this project. And I really salute them for their commitment. And the Steering Committee/ Decision making team were really calm and cool even though there were a few issues...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colour of Summer

I looked out the window and saw the colour out there - so bright, so clear. This is what I called the colour of summer. This was what I meant the colour I saw in NZ and Oz during summer. And as I looked up to the sky, so clear, almost no cloud, and so blue... Everything was so nice. I felt summer like in NZ. Why? Yeah.. Out out there and cold here (sure cold as I was in the office.. hahah.....). Isn't summer like that? Well, it is in NZ. Hot under the sun and cold under the shed. Thus, ppl will go out to the sun while enjoyed the breeze. hmm....

One hardly see such blue sky in KL/ Malaysia. No haze at all... wow... I am so impressed.... Ok. But, not the heat and humidity.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Doughnut

Michelle took back a box of doughnut early in the morning... She told us to share and eat. Doughnut in the morning? hmm.... Well, they didn't look so appetizing, but, well, I like doughnut, the basic/ original. I took one. The texture was so nice... so soft.. so yummy.... Just that it's too sweet. It's actually coated with sugar, thin layer. Those things melt fast in the hand...

Krispy Kreme is opening soon at Berjaya Time Square. And we get to eat first. hahaha..

Thanks for sharing.... :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day out shopping at KL

Had appointment with my sister to shop in KL for some months back. Yupe, need to book me. Then, mom also asked if I could go shopping with her for some clothes for Mandy (my niece). Well, it's the only Saturday that I can make it and since I can't split myself up. I have decided to bring all together to KL for shopping.

We ended up at KLCC as sis wanted to go to PC Fair while mom wanted to do shopping and I have Parkson voucher.

Honestly, I have not been to KLCC for a long time, I mean shopping (was working in KLCC in Feb earlier). Actually, have not been shopping in Malaysia for a long time...

My role is to drive them there, accompanied them to shop and drive them home safely. hahah...

Oh... I took them to Spring Garden for a nice lunch... Yupe... the food was ok, and we felt good.. Thought of taking them to Mandarin Hotel actually, but, all were too tired walking.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherine

Celebrated Sherine's birthday (a day earlier) for her. We had it very early in the morning (before 9am) as many are having back to back meeting the whole day.. yeah.. Back-to-back meeting on Friday.....

Happy Birthday, Sherine. May you be blessed.. :)

Sunday = bug's day?

Something flew and landed on my newspaper while I was having breakfast and preparing to go to church for ushering. It's a ladybird. Cool.... And it went on to my hand.

Last Sunday, I saw an insect. This Sunday is another one.... I am looking for the next Sunday morning to discover another one..... :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Strategy Meeting

We started meeting from 8.30am till 6pm. Then, we drove all the way back to KL. It's really tiring. If I were tired, what more the 'drivers'.... Hey, thanks so much for driving.....

And there's so much to be done, uh.......

Strategy Meeting - Penang

Finally, the Penang trip actually happened. 2 cars were driven up north. It was quite a long journey.

I rang Lerk Shih when we were about at Juru just to check if we could meet up. I have not seen her for 7 - 8 years, I think. It was a loonnggg time. Seems like we can't make it and though I was sad, well, perhaps next trip. But, to my surprise, I was then told to call my friend so, we could meet up. Hurray!!!! Thanks to my 'driver' who was so kind to drop me off. Really appreciate that. And sorry (again) for the blunt language from Lerk Shih. (Yupe, I excused myself for the dinner with the team)..... :)

After dropping Kathy for swimming practise, we went up to a hill. The hill where there's a dam and where I could have a really nice view of Penang. We walked, we stopped, we took our time and we talked. There's so much to catch up and yet so little time. Then, we went back down, we had really nice Penang Laksa. Yummmm......

Then, we went back to her place. There, I met Russell, he was on con-call, and I met Adam and Frank too. All of them were so adorable. We warm-up pretty fast and soon the kids were concern where I am staying and wish I could put up a night. Well, I wish too. So, I continue to spend time at her place while waiting for my 'driver' to pick me up. So nice..... I was really lepaking at their place. Remind me of lepaking at their place in NZ where we just laid on the floor and read books (very anti-social bunch of ppl).... hahah.....

Then, my driver came, went to meet the niece. And catch up with the others at Gurney Drive. It's past midnight by the time we got back to hotel and we have meeting at 8.30am the next morning.....

Well, I am truly glad that I met up with Russell, Lerk Shih and family.... :) Sweet as.....