Friday, November 28, 2008

Target Workshop

Long before Kjersti left, she has been sharing her experiences of doing the Target Workshop with her management team and the effectiveness. Since then, I started to have discussion and planning for it. Then, she left and so, I tossed some ideas with Ole.

Well, Technology has not done this (not as a division) before. Hence, I was quite conscious about it. I always had a picture of how it will be in my mind, and was afraid it may not turn out to be as good or even much lower than what I imagined.

I reckoned it was quite hard to start at the beginning as everyone was new to this process. So, we had TMT to assist in explaining, facilitating. We did not want the TMT to participate so much so we could have the managers to discuss and suggest the targets.

Then, it went pretty well. So, I shall not worry. :)

The next day started quite alright as well. We saw each department trying to address the comments given earlier days and people were engaged in discussion.

Thank God that the workshop went well. In fact, a lot have said that this has given opportunities to discuss targets of other departments and understand each other. Some even suggested to have this on quarterly basis. I guessed all my hard works were worth it in a way or another. It's not easy to get things done and prepared for a meeting with about 45 people. Gosh.... Really thank God.

Well, I kinda felt really exhausted after the whole woskshop was over. (I always felt exhausted whenever there's an offsite meeting. Like the Roller Coaster also the same.) But, the work was not done yet. They need to go back refine and retune those targets and send to me again for discussion in the upcoming strategy meeting.. That also means, I pengsan (fainted...).....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parking at Lot 30

I went for my annual health screening today knowing that I will not be able to get a parking when I get back at about 10am.

hmm... True enough Lot 10 was full. Lot 43 has the 'Parking Full' board hang at the gate, Lot 42: I went in for 1 round and it's none. :( Then, I went to the Open car park, also nope. Lastly, I went to Lot 30 (I passed by earlier and I think the guard nodded). By the time, I turned back, no guard at the gate, so, I waited awhile. The guard came and told me no. I kinda begged and asked him to help check with his other colleagues. The guard asked me to wait and after checking, he asked me to go in for there's ONE. wow.. Thank God..

Low and behold, the parking lot seems quite tight for me (with my parking skill.. errhh... ) Well, a guard helped me. It was perfect. There's this DiGi truck behind me and a MyVi infront, wow...

So, by the time, I went to collect the car about 8++pm, all cars were gone, only left my lonely Wira with all the blowers....

It's been ages since I parked at Lot 30. I kinda missed the fun of getting in early and choose a good spot for parking. Especially, passing underneath the tower.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's so super hot today!!! Well, it rained in the morning, and sunshine thereafter....

It was so hot that I felt so tired. So pengsan... Imagine fish living without water... At one time, dad thought I fall sick. Well, I didn't. I just look exhauted due to the heat... Ya.. I couldn't take the heat + humidity so well. Still feel hot even I took the cold water shower. Actually, the water was hot too...

Aiks... aiks...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Change tag (again!?)

This is my 3rd tag after working 3 years and 5 months (exactly) in the same company. Wow!!! 3 times!! Yes.. 1st, newly joined the company (of course lar.. ). 2nd, changed office location, from Lot 30 to Lot 10. 3rd (now), do away the security system. So, this tag is just a tag to let others know who you are.

I forgot to snap a picture of my old tag before they dismantled it and took out the transponder. Well, smaller tag...

Wonder: How much does it cost to change the tag? How much did it cost on the security system invested (now, abandon)? How sure are we that vendors will not simply walk around? How sure are we that we will be safe working till late night in the office? I hope someone has considered all these? Yes to efficient and simplicity, well, one also need to consider the security part of it...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Meeting up

We met up. It was a cosy evening. We spent time talking, chatting. Nothing about office. Just like a bunch of old friends. We enjoyed each others' accompany (at least for me).

I know I am gonna miss it so much... For me, spending time with friends (did I say friends?? When do I make friends with colleagues?? Will that be possible?? But, who cares. At least for now, I take them as my friends. Not just a hi-bye friends, but, someone who can share.) are something worth investing about. Investing into relationship are not just about $$, it also includes time + afford + heart. A sincere heart.

Someone told me that I have closed my heart (though I really care) as I don't want to get hurt again. Is this true? Maybe...

At least for now, I am still learning to treasure everything I have and around me. Most important, not taking what I have for granted.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Awards Night 2008

It's the yearly awards night. Girls who finished all the batches will get crown (like graduation). They have put in a lot of affords to learn about God, to be a godly woman, etc... It's something all girls looking forward to.

This year, 6 girls got their crown. And we have different groups (Daisy, Prims, Stars) to present as well.

For me, I got so proud of the girls who are able to made it through and seeing them grow, open and care for each other. :)