Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mt Kinabalu part III

It's 1am on Sunday morning. We woke up and get ready for the summit. Can I make it? I don't know. It rained pretty heavily the night before and so it's gonna be wet. We were in the non-heated room again. The gate only opened at about 3am. There were so many people.

I find it really difficult after KM6.5, haven't even at Sayat-Sayat check-point. It was close to the finishing of the rope part. Initially, John told me to follow his step, then, he hold my hands and we walked together.

Air is getting thiner and thiner and I find it more difficult was I went higher. I wasn't cold. I only need Oxygen. This was a totally different and new experience in my life.

I only remembered that I was so sleepy and wanted to sleep so much especially when we were at the rock surface. I literally lean on him at one point. And I remembered him telling me not to close my eyes, but, keep walking. He will squeezed my hands when we are ready to go. And I will did that whenever I wanted a stop. We walked about 10 steps and we stopped for 5 seconds. Later he told me that he can't hear me breathing at one point. I didn't know what happened besides that I wanted to sleep.

Finally, I was there at 6.45am. Yes, I missed the sunrise. But, does it matter? Well, I wasn't so excited/ emotional like most people did. I thank God for His guidance, thank John for being responsible and his patience. I gave him a big huge. Thank KG for encouraging. I don't think I am able to make it without them.

As I was standing on the top of the mountain, I was reminded that I am just so tiny little in this universe. There are so many things that yet to be done. I need to treasure everything and everyone and not take them for granted.

I have been there - Low Peak of Mt. Kinabalue. 4,095 meter = 14,435 feet! Really speechless of the magnificent view.

I started to feel better after a few minutes rest at the peak. John told us that we needa keep moving and start to descent. And I started to take a few pictures since I am not coming here again. I just enjoyed the view so much!!!

Looking down from the plateau of Mt. Kinabalu. We have an awesome God!!!

As we arrived at Laban Rata, we rested and packed to go back to Timpohon Gate. We are going back to West Malaysia the very night itself. It's a recce trip, not suppose to have fun so much.

Saw these workers were carrying so heavy things going up. They are so fit. Descending wasn't easy as well. Peter and I were having pain in the knees and toes. It was a really big 'aiyoo' when we saw more steps ahead of us though we tried to divert by taking pictures. That did not help much. We took about 4 hours to reach Timpohon Gate.

Then, Mr. Faustine (our transport guy) arranged a place for us to freshen up before taking us to KK town and airport.

We had our dinner and head to airport. We managed to change to an earlier flight and that flight was delay. So, we are back to original. Dennis came to meet me at the airport. It was so nice of him. :)

We reached LCCT about midnight and I am going to work the very next day. yes.. crazy me... Thank God that my legs are not sore as all the local hikes.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mt. Kinabalu part II

Started from Mesilau Park at 8.30am. Was told that it is a tougher trail. Well, I read from internet as well. It's about 2.7KM more than the Timpohon trail. I really doubted on my ability.

I vomitted after 1.5KM hike. I really wanted to turn back. The other team(3 of them) has gone ahead. And it was only KG, Peter, me and John (the guide) in my team. My team members kept encourage me and they prayed for me. I find it so difficult to walk any more. And we walked really slowly after that. KG took over my bag so that it will be lighter for me.

I thank God for His mercy and grace. I felt much better and started to take pictures again. Then, I started to tell them that I wanted to eat ice-cream, lychee, longan, etc... And they were laughing at me that mountain sickness has started to kick-in at early stage.

At some stretch, I tried to move a bit faster and scolded by them as I should let my body to adapt to the height and take it slowly. I didn't eat much for my lunch as I really have no appetite. I drank water and took some chocolates.

I really like the scenery. We enjoyed the journey and take it really slowly to just be in the nature. Then, finally hours of walking only we reached the Layang-Layang junction. It was just halfway and we have to continue to walk.

Well, we have some 'booster' on our way up. Peter will know that. haha...

The type of plants changes as we move higher. It was so marvelous that the wind will blow the clouds in and out just like that.

Finally, we arrived Laban Rata at about 5.45pm. We took so long and we were all so tired.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mt Kinabalu part I

So, this is the day and it's here. We went to LCCT early in the morning and caught a flight to KK.

This is the recce team for the real climb in September. To check out the place, to find out the condition and go back to prepare the September team. Since, I will be busy in September and couldn't join them. Busy with work lar, with forecasting lar.. So, I am in this recce team. I am the only female. And we are going to use the Mesilau trail.

It was raining when we arrived at KK. We had our lunch and KG did went to Sutera office to sorted out something before heading to Mesilau National Park at Kundasang. It was gloomy and rainy, and we knew, it will be wet and cold and it will not be easy.
We stopped to get some food. And it started to rain again. I started to doubt if I could ever make it to Laban Rata.

It took about 2.5 hours from KK to Kundasang. A long journey. At last, we arrived at the National Park HQ to register ourselves and get our guides. Then, we continue to Mesilau Resort. The road to there was narrow and some really steep one where everyone will have to get down from the van except me. hehe... :)

And we rested. We were all in the non-heated room. Problem for me to sleep: (i) new environment, (ii) didn't use much of my brain and not tired. But, I have to get some rest for the hike.