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Gunung Besar Hantu, Jelebu

Peter sent an email on climbing this mountain sometime ago. It was a tough call for me as it actually crashes with my Day 1 of mission outreach. Yet, this mountain has not been easy access as it requires 4WD to go in. Then, it was the battle within myself. Then, I decided to go for this climb and be a day late for the mission outreach conference. Felt sorry as I was the TC for our team. At the same time, I kept praying that God to protect me as I don't want to have any injury from this climb that will hinder my work for the outreach.

Gunung Besar Hantu is the highest mountain in Negeri Sembilan. And it's height is almost the same as Gunung Nuang. I tried to search from internet about this route, but, not many were available. Also, most of the trekkers use another route via Lata Kijang waterfall to summit.

Below was the timeline shared by Peter:

4.10am - meet at McD, Tesco, S2. (Please make sure you already have your breakfast or you may want to eat in the car on the way there)
4.15am- depart for Jelebu and then to Kg Chennah (left hand turn as we reach Jelebu town).
5.45am. Reached Kem Rumah Bukit and parked our cars there. Warm up and toilet visits.
6.00am- Depart for starting point by 4WD
7.00am- reached starting point (Bukit Pegentar) and start the trek
1pm- Reached the summit. ( From what i have read it can be done in 6 hours).
1.30pm - Begin descent
5.30pm- reached ending point, at the base of the mountain where Lata Kijang waterfall is located. Clean up.
6.00pm- Depart for Kem Rumah Bukit
7.00pm- Reached Kem Rumah Bukit and depart for Seremban. (I don't know of any nice restaurant nearby here. So better eat in Seremban. Bring some bread to leave in car in case hungry)
8.30pm- Reached Seremban

Though we were 15-20 mins late from Seremban, the journey into Jelebu was dark and winding.

When we arrived at Kem Rumah Bukit, 21 of us were sitted in 3 4WD for an hour bumpy ride to the starting point. So, we started ascending at 8am instead of 7am (1 hour late).

 From Bukit Pengentar, the route was flat yet ascending. I saw leaches on the ground, on leaves, literally everywhere waiting for their meals/ preys. We took 1 hour to reach Sungai Kering, another team who moved faster was already resting and waiting.

Then, we moved on for another hour to reach Kem Orchid. Along the way, it was still rather flat and yet ascending. Some of the routes are already eroded by the rain, thus, we were actually on the cliffs, bushes where we have to literally use our hands to cover our face. Many of us were cuts by the dried bushes on our hands and legs. Also, we have to cross another river where bamboo was used as a bridge for us. Kem Orchid is a large empty place where many campers would camp overnight here. However, not many orchids could be found here.

We continued our journey after rested for about 10 mins. We were told it would be quite steep from this point onwards. Indeed, it was. The route was definitely steeper. I was curious that the vegetation didn't change into moist until quite high up.

There was one part where we have to cross a very narrow horse back. Also, a part where the route was literally made-up by all the roots. We were crossing that one after another.

Then, the moist vegetation portion came in as we reached certain height. Also, the path/ route became narrower. This is something unique. Many times, only 1 person can go through at a time where both parts were just huge rocks.

It took us 2 hours to reach the summit from Kem Orchid (12.30pm). So, we were actually ahead of the timeline shared by Peter. Turnaround time was set at 2pm. We couldn't have the view from summit as it was misty. However, it was good as it wasn't hot. :) Gunung Besar Hantu of 1462M/ 4799FT were summited with 4.30 hour. 

We started to descend at about 1pm though 2pm was the turnaround time. We wanted to descent to Lata Kijang, one of the highest waterfall in Malaysia. It took us almost 4 hours to reach the ladder part. Some of our team members have legs cramp and so we slowed down to pace with them.

Some of the ladder portion needs maintenance as there were rotten, towards the part near the waterfall, the ladder was actually broken and we needed aid from the guys. We were told to come down one by one. Some of our team members went for a dip in the waterfall, while others just enjoyed the cold water, cleaned-up and just enjoyed ourselves.

Then, it's another 1 hour 4WD bumpy ride out. We arrived back at Kem Rumah Bukit at around 7pm. Many went for a washed-up (I didn't). Then, we proceed to Jelebu for dinner before heading home.

It's definitely another good climb and company. :)

Peter has contacted En. Adi +6013-6121031 for the guide, 4WD. His service was excellent and at a reasonable price.

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