Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday in Nova Scotia, Canada

Instead of staying in London (alone) for Christmas, I was told that I could go to Canada for Christmas. It cost a bomb though. Instead of Halifax, I went to Grande Pre, a small ‘village’. I was staying with Leung’s family, the parents, 2 girls (Janese and Susan), Pette (the cousin from Perth, Australia), Piper (the dog), Montrose (the cat) and Casti (the big black cat, like leopard).

Vincent (father Leung) took me to the Acadia University where we visiting Irving’s building.

We went to the Christmas Eve church service. It was such a cool church and so traditional (Baptist church?!). Leung father and mother were singing in the choir. As we came back, we stopped for the Christmas lights at one of the neighbor’s house.

Christmas!!! It is weird that we didn’t go to church. In Malaysia, it is Church Service on Christmas day itself with hot and humid. In Nova Scotia, it is sleep-in with cold and dry. (I still have jetlag, I guess as I have been waking up at 4am which means 8am in London.)

So, we woke up, got our presents unwrapped. Dinner on Christmas was awesome. We have few friends over: Forrest, Wanda and her husband.

On boxing day, instead of boxing all the things up, we decorated a ginger bread house. Hahaa….. it was humorous. As we tried to work in the kitchen, where it is warm and nice, the icing kinda melting. Haha…

We have also decided to go for a walk, walked to the beach. It was muddy. The big tree (over 60 years old) fall few days prior my arrival caused by the strong wind.

Curling?! What’s that? I was told it is one of the game in Olympics and we are gonna have fun. So, we arrived and the president of the club came welcome us. He gave us some basic instructions on what to do and techniques as well. We need to have a pair of clean shoe as any sand/ stone will destroy the ice which is not good. Then, we need to masked one of the shoe, if the person is right handed, the left foot to be masked. Then, we went into the ice area which was cold. The president told us a lot of rules, and techniques. I can only remember a team make up of 4 persons and how to curl. The rest, who plays what role, I am sorry.. :p

It was a very fun game where we will need to brush on the ice to warm it up with a broom so that the stone can go further. Haha… Also, the stone can’t go on smooth ice surface as the ice skating type as if it is too smooth, the stone will just vacuum in and not able to move. The shoe with the masking tape is to help us to slide.

We went for hot chocolate and little/ mini doughnuts after the game. It was good. Of course shopping at 2nd hand store. On that day, we had dinner at 8++pm which was late. Otherwise, it will be dinner at 5.30pm (I will be still at work if I were back home).

As Jean gave me some experience on snow mobile, Janesse and Pette started drawing and colouring on t-shirts. I am truly impressed by their work.

About snow mobile, I need to wear special jump suit which makes me feel like astronaut. Hahah… :D As I went on the bike where Jean was taking me, it was really fun. It reminded me of the movie: Inception. It was so cool….

Instead of going back to the 2nd hand shop, Joshua and I went to café for internet while they went for shopping. It was good that I managed to get something done.

As it was a fine day, we have decided to go to sledding and building snowman. We went to the field/ park outside Acadia University Hall as it has a little slope. It was really fun sliding down with the sled. It was an awesome experience. Climbing up the slope wasn’t as fun though. It was tiring. Then, we wanted to build snowman, but, the snow were too fine and were sticky enough. Need some rain, I guess. We just played with the snow, had pictures. It was really surprising to see Jean & Vincent came visiting us with hot chocolate. Like the Chinese saying: 血中送炭。It was awesome to have 2 times free hot chocolate delivering (1 in London and another in New Minas, Canada). Sweet as…

That’s about my winter holiday in Nova Scotia. Honestly, I do not know when will I visit again, but, it was truly a good time altogether. :) I enjoyed the company, the sceneries, the food, everything…. :D