Monday, July 5, 2010

Lunch @ Georgetown white coffee, Jaya 33, PJ

As we had meeting at PJ at 2pm. So, we thought of going there slightly earlier for lunch before the meeting. After parking our cars at the meeting place, we went with Cham's small little Kancil and passed by Jaya 33 and saw this Georgetown White Coffee which looks interesting. So, we just went to try.

I would say the food portion is small (yeah... not enough for me) and the taste is moderate...

I had white curry noodle with Soya milk + cendol + gula melaka. Something different and not too bad. Cham and Ati had ice kacang, 1 with ice cream and 1 without. I saw both of them finished all. I think must be nice...

I don't mind going back again, but, it's not enough for me.. and a bit pricey with the small portion...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gunung Datuk, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

Came to know about a supplementary climb to Gunung Datuk after 2 weeks of their (the team going to Mt. Kinabalu) climb. I told myself that I should go as I have not been and I really would like to hike. The thought of just finished team building and hiking hesitated me. And with the gloomy weather, I have decided not to pack anything and only check out my own condition the next morning.

In fact, I woke up at about 5am that morning and was in bed struggling should I go or not for awhile. Ultimately, I woke up text Francis to come to fetch me at 7am. And I started packing. :)

It was drizzling a bit on our way there. And the weather wasn't really good. Still, we climbed. It was about 39 of us, where 4 of them were little girls (below 12). And surprisingly, there weren't many other climbing groups that day. All focusing on football nowadays?

The track was a bit wet due to some rain few days earlier. I find it a little challenging as I have not been climbing/ exercise at all since Jan.

Eunice didn't feel very well after about 30 minutes climb. She was already not well before that. So, I called up her twin sister and they have decided to turn back. KG was with Eunice and he passed me his huge back pack with all the stove, gas, and don't know what not. So, I have my own bag + his bag. gee..... I was having that for about 10 - 15 mins and then Francis realised and took over from me. Then, he took it for another 10 mins and passed back to me. I was really stopping a lot within that 30 minutes. KG caught up with us and took his own bag back. phew...

We summit at 11am. It was exactly 2 hours of this 2,900 feet. Then, time to re-fill. Cooking coffee, milo, eating nasi lemak, banana, bread, etc.... I was really craving for duku langsat, laichi, watermelon.... which I could only imagine. :(

Then, we proceed further on the rocks. I have not been up there for a long time and I've decided to go up with the girls. We have to climb the metal ladder. It was clear days, not too hot, a bit of cloud and we could see the Straits of Melaka. :)
Indeed Gunung Datuk has the nicest view so far comparing to Angsi, Nuang. Then, we saw monkey. Maybe not really monkey. They are big and black. Really black. A few of them. Wow.... 1st time I see after so many of my climb to G. Datuk. :)
We started to descend at about 12noon as some of them has a a tea party to attend at 3pm back in Seremban.

Overall, it's a good climb. :) though I am having aching here and there now...