Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gunung Datuk

Gunung Datuk is located at Rembau. All because of preparation to Mt. Kinabalu in July.

This was my first hike to Gunung Datuk. We started early. It was tough for me as I have never climb a gunung. The worst thing is the humidity. We reached the top at around noon, had our food, milo and snacks. Then, was told, we are not at the top yet. We have to go to the rock face. uh? My jaw nearly dropped. OK. I told myself, since I am already here. Then, only I found out, it was scary. The ladder, and the narrow space. A lot of 'what if...' came into my mind.. Well, I still do it. It was really worth it, I had a nicer view though hot up there.

Peter Lim refused to come out. But, he came at the end, and he overcame his fear - height. yeah!

Then, we headed back down. It was torturing. My knees and toes. Gosh... How I wish if there is escalator in the woods...
And I was in pain for a few days after that especially when I was back to office. Once I stand, I couldn't sit, and vice versa. And I was so slow in walking all the stairs.

Well, I supposed I needed more training.