Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflection of 2012

Time passes really fast. It's getting even faster nowadays. I wonder if it is because the sign of aging or because we are living in the world of technology where it brings everyone closer and helps us to multi-task. 

Regardless, time is something that doesn't wait for anyone. And something gone and unable to restart. We can do 'what-if' scenarios in the business world, we can delete and restart work/ document/ technology gadget, etc, we can reset a phone back to its factory setting... However, time/ life is something that we live now. Yes, time will pass, and we will age, I think/ believe, as long as we have breath, we still can restart or rather make our life correct/ better if we want to. 

Thus, I am really thankful for God. For He has helped me, forgiven, cleansed and accepted me again and again. For He never forsakes me. 

Actually, I started to think what had happened in 2012 right after Christmas and just before the end of the year. Seriously, nothing much that I remembered. I was trying to check a few of my own blogs to recall my memory. Some of things that happened, seemed like ages ago, and yet some are fresh like yesterday. 

So, let me try to just summarise what happened in 2012... 

- First time in my life that I went to US for work twice in a year. Stranded in Tokyo while transiting back from US on the 2nd trip gave me a chance to stay in Tokyo for 12-hour. 

- Stopover in HK and visited friends on the return from US. It was indeed a very good experience.  We walked almost the whole night, I think passed at least 2 - 3 MRT stations. Walked from Miu-kai to take the ferry. Went up to pun-shan (半山). Really went deep into the life of HK. From poor to rich. Also, encountered and understood what it meant by spiritual warfare as both my friend and I felt discomfort at miu-kai (庙街). And some weird smell at just that certain spot. Anyhow, we moved on as we didn't want to get into trouble, that's not our purpose. 

- Aside the normal Shanghai business trips, I took the opportunities to visit Hangzhou and Qiandaohu at 2 different trips. 

- On 1 trip, I made a 36-hour stopover in Taiwan to attend a friend's wedding in Taipei, visited a friend in Tainan, visited another friend in Taipei. Went to the 24-hour bookstore in Taipei at 11+pm (after the wedding reception at night)

- Had a family trip to Bali (first time)

- Went to Bangkok with mom, visited my friends there

- Visited a childhood friend in Houston, Texas, on my way back of 2nd business trip to States. It's my first time to Houston and we have not met each other for a long time. 

- Joined OCZ012 in July to Cambodia. Took up the challenge to lead a team of 12. A lot of challenges, spiritual warfare, a lot of tears. I shared Luke 19:1-10 Zacchaeus the Tax Collector to the youth (all boys). Sharing nothing is impossible, for with God, I M Possible. Also, learnt that, it is not with our strengths, abilities and mind, only through prayer and only when God starts to move, miracles, things happen. It is all about God's business and God's glory, not ours. 

- Healing. 2 very vivid memories on God's healing and only through faith. 
  1. My 2nd trip to US, when I was in Omaha, my right arm was in pain. It's so painful that it hurt even when I lifted my hands on the laptop to work. It could be from lifting my luggage.  As was chatting with a friend that night, I decided to stop chatting, started praying, praising God, asking and believing in healing. Then, it was better. Then, I told God, I wanted 100% healing. So, I continued to pray and praise God. Then, it was healed 100%. All within 30 minutes. 

  2. I kinda injured my back on one of the nights doing the exercise. I was in pain for few days. Then, one night, I remembered how God healed my arm, I can pray and ask God to heal me for the back ache too. Then, again, God healed me within 30 minutes, again. 

I really praise God on His healing. My personal healing experience from God. If this is not God, I don't know what is. If this is not faith, what could it be? 

- Went to Jakarta, Indonesia mission trip with the Chinese Church. It was indeed a very blessed trip. We were really treated very well. And being able to pray for, encourage my brothers and sisters there have been such a marvelous experience and blessing. 

- God has indeed blessed me in many ways, big or small. 

Changes of lives
Everything happened during my 10-day away on my 2nd visit to US on business. It was indeed very hard for me to take it, not just being so far, also, no one to talk to/ share with on the emotion part. 

- Pastor Sally went home to be with the Lord. I was thinking that I could make it back for her funeral, which I couldn't as I was stranded in Tokyo. 

- The aunty next door passed away suddenly. I told her that I was leaving to US right before I went.. there, i couldn't see her any more. Even till now, we still miss her, as we (family) normally chatted through the kitchen window. 

- News where friends mom or closed ones have terminal illnesses. :(

Easter musical drama: i was holding the treasurer position. Who said working in church is nice and friendly all the time?! hahaha.. Church is made up of you and me. And we are human too. So, extra grace, mercy and love are needed. 

On the good part, my younger sister got married. Ya. it's happy. Yet, I missed her very much everyday. Even after she has been married for 6 weeks as I am writing now. A lot of emotions. 

I started overcoming my fear (phobia) of water by enrolling myself to swimming class. I am learning breast-stroke now, improving a little in each class. :) A tadpole soon to turn into a frog. :D
Friendship: made some new friends, some friendships drifted further, some being straightened, some reconnected. On that, and don't know since when, the thought to disconnect from Facebook has come to my mind a few times already as thinking to spend more time on other more value adding things. 

2012 as an overall: God has been extremely good to me. I have been so blessed and hopefully I have been a blessing to others too. 

p/s: I realised I have written fewer blogs nowadays. Taken fewer photos. I am unsure why? Laziness? Nothing so exciting anymore? I want to discipline myself and really treasure every moment that I could by continuing to take pictures and jot down events.