Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vietnamese Food @ Seremban

Mom suggested a birthday lunch instead of a dinner as I go to Saturday Chinese Service in the evening and Sunday... hmm....

So, we have decided to check out the Vietnamese restaurant at Oakland Commercial Square. It was quite easily found.

Well, the place looks and feel right.

We have ordered noodles and a side dish (Vietnamese spring roll). The spring roll was nice, though sis didn't like it. And the noodle mom, dad and sis choose have all the same soup base. I have took the spicy one instead. All are beef noodles. Well, I won't say the food are superb, I think I don't mind going back again.

It was the thought of celebrating that counts rather than the food. I was truly touched. :)

Baked cheesecake

My 3rd birthday cake. Yumm.... Sis bought this on her way back from Isetan. It's a nice baked cheesecake and we all loved it. It was so sweet of her to get me the cake. Love!!! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rainbow Team get together

Somehow someone suggested a get together. I wasn't thinking of going. Well, just don't feel like it. Furthermore, I smell something fishy...

Somehow, i still went, to show support. It was at Grand Dorsett, Subang as it's nearer to the office.

We went to The Emperor. The food was ok, slow though...
It was good time, we were loud + noisy (what's new?)... I think we laughed more than we eat.

Towards the end, tadang... a cake + birthday song.... see... told ya... well, this was surprised...

Thanks team for making it special for me... so sweet of them...

Surprise Birthday!

Was so touched when I got to know that a few close ones are giving me surprise birthday celebration.
Hey... thanks a lot for the effort and thoughts. So touched...

I am not a person who likes surprises, so, it did help me to prepare. Well, I am definitely not a person who celebrate birthday.

In fact, on this day, i was thinking Jesus died for me at the age of 33, what about me?