Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have wanted to make agar-agar for some time. Many told me it's easy. Well, I wanted to try the double or triple layer as I had tasted a really nice one in KK.

I bought the agar-agar powder from hypermarket and following the instructions as stated behind.

So, I tried, putting strawberry into it which is really nice. :) I have also tried putting passionfruit which I like it too. It's a bit sourish, but, it's refreshing especially in a hot weather climate like Malaysia.

But, my 2 layered agar-agar didn't turn out well as I poured the upper layer too early and so, it's kinda thin bottom and thick top.

So, will try again. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

work trip + stopover in HK

It was actually quite discouraged/ upset when I heard that I need to go to USA for work over Chinese New Year. It's not a matter that I didn't take extra leaves aside the 2 public holidays that I should not feel anything about it. The fact that, to be away during the festive is quite upsetting. Even though I have tried to told my boss, it's CHINESE NEW YEAR and I am CHINESE. Well, anyway, got my ticket booked and ready to fly on the 3rd day of CNY.

And even more discouraging, arrived in SF on Wednesday night, drove myself to SJ (about 1 hour journey on Highway 101). Went to office on Thursday, found out that my boss won't be there on Thursday and Friday. So, I sat in office (thank God, at least someone took me to the cubicle), and working on APAC matters.

And I also got to know a few colleagues. So.... as SF or LA has the largest Chinese, the office actually has a function on Chinese New Year which was comforting, at least. There are food, drinks (non-alcohol), Chinese character writting, dance, etc.

On the weekend, I drove the roti-car (as it does look like one) to Gilroy Premium Outlet. It was huge and I didn't get to buy a lot as I was tired walking and carrying many things. Someone said, I should have put the things in the car and continue shopping. I supposed, I kinda lack of motivation to walk to the car and back especially was doing it alone.

Then, on Sunday, I went to the Chinese town (mini) area where they have lots of Chinese shops. Got mom the ginseng she wanted. And I saw lion dance. Wow!!! Impressive!!

So, the rest of the time in SJ was just about work and more work, working in US time zone as well as supporting APAC.

It's no fun. Traveling to work is :( and I need a real holiday.

I went to HK after the US trip as the HK trip was planned earlier. To save time. I make Karim to pick up his running Bib right after we checked into the hotel. We saw some other Malaysian there too. So, as some of them have seen Karim ran or in FB, we had some conversation with them. Then, we went off to meet up with Chris (my uni friend). As on the way to the bus stop. Yeah!! Chris told us to take a bus there. He would meet us at the bus stop. We saw a lady from Beijing traveling while her daughter paid for everything. WOW!!! She took us to the HK Central Library as there's where we need to take bus #116 to meet Chris.

So, Chris knows how to get to Kowloon, I know the restaurant, and Karim has his GPS/ maps on to ensure we dropped off at the right place. Well, at the end, not quite. We went off the bus a stop earlier. Chris, still have to walk to meet us. hahahah...

We went to this halal restaurant, run by Chinese Muslim. I have seen and read in the web that this place is very popular and well known for it's beef pancake and there will be lots of people as it gets later into the night.

We shared our table with another family visiting from Urunqi, I started conversing in Chinese with them. They started sharing their food with us. It was really fun and enjoyable.

So, we ordered the famous beef pancake and it was super nice, beef curry and a few more dishes. It was a very nice meal. As I just got into HK on a long haul, I appeared to be very tired especially with the jet-lag. So, we took the bus back to hotel for rest.

Next morning, Saturday. I met up with Venus (mission friend) and we were indeed out for a mission. But, this is shopping mission. hahaha... :D She took me to Lai-Chi-Kok where we could get wholesale item. Wow... Shopping!! Yes.. genuine leather bag selling at the price that I couldn't resist. ;) We even skipped our lunch because of shopping.

As Karim is meeting up with his uni friend, I tagged along. He took us to Stanley Waterfront (using his new 5 series BMW wor... ). So, we had our hi-tea there. Wow!!! I love the place. It was really awesome. The weather was nice, a bit chilly, but, I like it.

We spent some time walking a bit along the waterfront. The men went ahead doing their private talk. While I was having my Canon Ixus 850IS and Karim's Canon 7D DSLR taking pictures. I really enjoyed the afternoon/ evening.

I really like that place.

As I have another appointment for dinner. (Yeah!!! Very pack schedule, that's why cannot and did not able to slot in any time to catch up with Paul & Hazel and Steve Yap). So, I met up with Li Yen (my ex-colleague from DiGi) for dinner. We had some good short time together. Then, she went home and finished-up the yu-sang that have travelled with me to States with her husband. hahahah... Couldn't wait to eat... funny...

On Sunday. Went to church with Ellen. Well, I overslept and rushed through the whole preparation, arrived 5 - 10 mins late. But, we were not late for church. The service was in Cantonese, it's interesting. :) And the sermon was lively.

After that, we went to the marathon event to meet up with Karim. I took all his things. This year, the organiser were very strict, supposed because of the increased in participants, family and friends were not allow to go into the waiting area. So, called Karim. And Steve, saw me. He kept asking me: why are you here? Aren't you suppose to be in States? I think he asked me a few times throughout the photo taking session. hahaha.. funny.. Because I am here, that's the answer.. LOL... pengsan..

After that, they continue with their photo taking session. I went lunch with Ellen. She has to go back to do her work/ assignment and so, I have the afternoon. Rested awhile, and decided to go out to walk about at Tsim Sha Tsui area. She called me and we met.

We went for some food at Australia Milk Company. Didn't know it's so near to where I stay. This place serves very nice steamed milk. And so many people line up. I took Karim and another running couple there for breakfast the next day too.

Then, we (Ellen and I) started our night walkathon. Our route: Temple Street -> Tsim Sha Tsui -> Pearl Ferry -> Lan Kwai Fong -> Hollywood Road -> 半山. It's a long walk.

In Temple Street/ Road, I saw the other part of HK, not as a tourist, but more of the background. Also, here, I experienced the battle in the spiritual realm. Physically, I really feel discomfort (so does Ellen), and there were some spots where there were certain smell. Once out of that spot (just a step away), the smell wasn't there. It's strange. It's really an eye opener experience for me.

As we continued walking, away from Temple Road, we felt better physically as away from the area that has strong spiritual battle. Also, we can see the living standard/ condition changes. From street to porch.

At the Star Ferry harbour front, I saw the big TV screen broadcasting that there was one death in the marathon earlier that morning. It's so devastating. There were also a group of Christian doing evanglism singing by the street which was very encouraging.

We had a drink at Lan Kwai Fong. My first every cocktail, which I reckon was strong. But, nice with the mint. Didn't manage to finish as was getting hot.

Then, we continue walking up the escalator, looking at the high end, and property prices.

Ellen pointed out that the old building used to be built towards inner nearer to the top. This is to allow sunlight to shine through the alley for more air, light and reduce crime rate. However, modern building is not done this way anyway. As it gets narrower to the top, it also means losing space.

Overall, I really enjoyed my each HK trip. Not just catching up with friends. There are so many things that we shared though we only meet each other once a year. I do hope and pray that I would be able to visit HK and my friends (even in Korea and Taiwan) once a year that we could catch-up and encourage each other.

Will I be back next year? I really hope that I could make it though there are some other plan already. Just hope that the timing could match.