Friday, September 16, 2011

One day trip Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam + Pulau Ketam

Got to know this trip through Chinese Church Service. It's a day trip with the young working adult. Since it's on Malaysia Day (public holiday) and I wanted to exercise - Taman Cahaya to cycle. I have decided to join them though I only know 1 - 2 person in the group.

We met in church at 7am. As usual, there are people where were late.

We arrived at Shah Alam (with some guidance on GPS and personal GPS - my friend through text), we managed to reach there by 8.30am. It was flooded with people. Everyone rushed in to line up for ticket. Next, everyone rushed to rent the bicycle. Then, us? So, some said, very hungry. Took time for breakfast. So, we knew no chance. Thus, opted for free bus.

The weather was hot, sunny + humid.

We only spent half a day there as it's really nothing much. Some of the places like 4 seasons house was closed for renovation.

Then, we decided to go to Pulau Ketam. Where's that? OK. We knew, it's at Klang. But, where to take the ferry? GPS. Now, GPS couldn't locate it. So, we asked. Someone said, very near. Gave some brief direction and off we went.

Waited for about 30 minutes for the ferry to come. A returned trip costs us RM14. The ferry was old. And yet, it's taking more passengers than it should be. We have passengers standing, quite pack, in the ferry. The entire journey was about 30 - 35 minutes from Port Klang. I didn't feel comfortable, the ship would sink kept appearing in my mind. If anything happened, I can't swim. Maybe I will end up floating to Sumatra?

So, what's so nice of Pulau Ketam? We had late lunch. Seafood. A lot of people went there for lunch. It's really a very typical villange life. I think we can get better seafood, just the price that matters. Other than that, it's nothing special. oh... Yes!! Something special, normally, we get oyster fried with egg. There, we get to try clam (la-la) friend with egg. It's quite different. :)

So, we headed back for the ferry at about 5pm. Reached Seremban about 6.30pm. It's a long and tiring day. Well, at least I have been to Pulau Ketam. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Liyen's farewell

Another ex-team member left the company. We had a farewell lunch cum reunion at F4, Subang industrial. :'(