Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Summary

Actually, I have been thinking to write or not write a summary of 2011.

2011 has been quite a change. Not so much, but, it does affect my life. Even though change is the only constant, too much changes is quite hard to swallow at a time.

2011, I have changed job in March. A job and a company that I have stayed for almost 6 years.
2011, I flewed in business class to US. First time flying to the States on work basis. And first time in business class. Only differences were the space and food (though still air craft food)
2011, I went to China (a country that have not in my list to visit) for work. And I was there 4 times in a year and for work.
2011, a year which I didn't go for any mission trip. :(

2011 has been a lot of changes in relation to the people around me too. Few friends left to work or settled overseas. :(

2011 just passed without me realising much. Overall, I didn't really feel so much about the year. Maybe too many things happened that I am still trying to digest.

I realised, life goes on no matter what. Either you follow to move on, or you will be left behind. Everyone has a life to move on, no one actually stop and wait. Sounds cruel, but, that's the reality. We have to pick ourselves up and move on too.

However, with God, my life is not the same. I know God is watching over me on every step that I take. I know He is in control and above all, I know He loves me. And, that's the fact! :) It is good to know that we have God's promises and blessings. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Catching up... cheers for friendship

So, Karim told Boon Hwa to arrange for a reunion/ catching up/ gathering. Boon Hwa told me to do so. Seems like a trend. sigh... So, I just sent out FB invite, whatsapp a few, skype Michelle. And set, Saturday lunch.

As Sherine and Michelle went to took our Christmas presents from the car, uncle (Boon Hwa) and I were suppose to choose a restaurant. So, uncle took me round the entire Pavillion in my heels, and I said, just go to Ben's. sooo pengsan...

Then, we ended up at Ben's. The ambience is definitely nice and cosy for friends to catch-up. I think we were the most noisy bunch. hahaha... Food... I won't rate it as nice or so high marks. We have requested for change of water a few times as they didn't come as clean. :s

Then, what's next? Some of us, at least Karim and I, would like to have ice cream (BR is just next door). Then, uncle said, let's go for very nice coffee. So, bye bye ice cream, we went for the very nice coffee instead. That's Illy. Is it nice? I don't know. I cannot take coffee in the afternoon otherwise, I will really suffer at night (cannot sleep lo..). So, I opted for the juice, it's orange + lime + pineapple. It's eye lifting because it's soooo sour. hahaha...

The place was so packed that the waiter initially want to put us to sit under the sun. I was... arhhh... hello... we are Malaysian. We prefer to sit in air-cond, we don't need the sun so much... Thank goodness, 2 ladies left, and we had the table near the door, so, we did get some air-cond. :)

So, it's another gila (crazy) talking and laughing time together. To a point, Karim said, are we too loud? Like our shop? Sigh.. this is the line that we are so used to hearing. But, well...

And we ordered gelato too. Still, I prefer the real ice cream. So, they still owe me my ice cream. hahaha... A slice of tiramisu (which is very strong, I suppose that's good?). And a slice of don't know what cake that aunty (Sherine) cannot remember. So, I called it, the yummy fatt-gou-like cake. :D pengsan...

Karim's ipad had a share of his chocolate gelato too. sigh... we are really gila la..
Overall, I had a great time. Hope the rest did too. I wish we will meet again soon and be gila again. Next time is at uncle's house? I doubt he will open his house or kitchen for us. ;)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Meeting up

Was asked by Audrey Ho if would like to meet up with another few Finance colleagues from DiGi/ ex-DiGi. Well, that's ok. So, was informed to meet at Empire mall. Then, to my surprise, aside the few expected (Viveen, Charles, Ong and Lay), Mee Lin and Suan Suan also appeared. Wow... Out of 8, 5 have left DiGi and 3 still remain.

Di Wei is a Chinese cuisine restaurant. I would say the ambience is quite nice. Mee Lin ordered the food. Some of the food are quite nice, like kai-lan, the bean-curd with special sauce, Shanghai xiao-long-pau. The fish was overcooked and so a bit tough. Whereas, because I am not a pork lover, the mongolian pork came a bit too much for me, as well as the lat-mei-fan. :(

I did like the complimentary steam cake as well as the tang-yuan. :)