Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Evening from office

Saw this while I went to the other side of the office intending to disturb a colleague after work... So, nice... :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Malay Wedding

Mom told me that our Malay neighbour invited us for his son's wedding today. It's been a long time since I last went to a Malay wedding. I decided to accompany mom there after church.

Mom rang me when I was about home. (We drove differently to church today as I was on duty for Children Church. My last lesson with them as I have decided to take a rest. Well.... that's another totally different story by itself.) She told me that I gotta parked my car at the road side cos there were lots of motorbikes in front of our house. hmm..... well.... Should I be angry? I wasn't very happy but, I think I still can tolerate that as my neighbour must be having lots of guests.

When I got home, it's full of cars and motorbikes as told earlier. What surprises me was the kumpang was also in front of our house? Even right up to the door steps. So, I decided to take pictures, not to complaint but, just to blog. But, those boys were scared seeing me taking so many photos. And I told them, no worry, just leave it there.. I just wanna take pictures. They were shy. hmm....

Then, we went for the lunch invitation. Mom and dad told me surely they will provide fork and spoon. But, I have a feeling that they will not. So, I was right. They didn't. And I gonna use the hand to eat, just to follow the custom. hmm.... It's gonna be a challenge. Purely using right hand to eat. Well, slowly and surely all the food went into my stomach.... It's a big tasks for me though. And I really amazed how did others do it? Even mom did it. WOW!!!! Even tearing chicken and eat it. I knew it's gonna be tough, so, I didn't take the chicken at all... :(

Then, about 1pm, the bride came and all the boys took the kumpang and get ready. As the bride and groom walked to the house, the kumpang started to play. And there were also others holding gifts following them.

It's really fun to see the wedding traditional of other race as well. Then I noticed, they don't have their car decorated like Chinese or Western ppl do.... And what about the wedding reception aside the lunch? Or was that all?

p/s: It's my sister's birthday today too....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lesson learnt

Was on my way to KL for the strategy meeting. As I just passed the traffic light in front of Summit (traffic jam), there's this police siren from behind, the car in front moved, and so did I. Next, I heard 'bang'... Gosh.. I knocked into him. I didn't noticed until I heard the sound. How could that be?

I went down, wondering how much should I pay him? I looked at his bumper, ok. The right hand side dropped, apart from that, it seems ok. Then, I looked at my own car. Oh.. NO!!!! Bonnet, bumper, head light. Can I still drive the car???

That guy asked how would I wanna settled? I said, let's go make a report. He doesn't want. OK. Then, I offered to pay him RM100, as it appeared to me really nothing much. Which he said, too little. I asked how much, he didn't answer. Then, the traffic police came and asked us to drive aside to settle or go to police station. Well, after some more talking.... which I learned my 1st lesson, settle everything at the scene before leaving.

So, I drove back (since the car is still drivable). Called dad, he was shocked. hmm... Well, I knew I will get lecture. And I text Ole and Michelle that I got into accident, without telling them how bad was bad, that I will be late to the Roller Coaster. I thanked God that no one was injured. Really thanked God.

At that moment, I learned my 2nd lesson: sleep/ sufficient rest is very important. Not only for health, for safety too. I must admit that I had been sleeping only about 3 hours for the past 2 - 3 weeks and my body is trying to send me signal. Gosh... God said rest on Sabbath, I should have obey that.

I got home. Mom asked me to call Eddy Kok if he knows any workshop. Thank God for his help. I managed to get the car fixed within 1 day.

Of course, I went back to KL for meeting, to start the Roller Coaster. Well, I must say that I couldn't concentrate as there were so many phone calls to settle about the car thingy. I really thank ba and Eddy Kok for helping.

At that very same night, there's a show of Mama Mia which Karim and Sherine did invite me to go. Though I really very much would like to go, don't think so especially had the accident in the morning and ba was helping to get the car fixed. There are things in life where we need to give priority to.

Then, the guy that I hit into was kind enough to drove the car to fix in Seremban too.

So, altogether, I paid about RM1.5k for the entire experience. It's definitely a very expensive experience.

Rest.. rest... rest... I am telling myself to rest though I still think that sleeping can be a waste of time. I do know that my body is giving alarm as there are times that when I drove, I just couldn't focus which is super dangerous.

Still, slowly, I need to adjust myself back to normal lifestyle. Sleeping/ resting is IMPORTANT!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Musical - His Story

Church was having Christmas Musical for 3 nights, 12 - 14 Dec. I was a greeter where I was asked to wear like a cast, standing at the door to welcome guests.

I didn't get involve at all this year as the office work is flooding me. In fact, the weekend was horrible. I worked in the day and go church in the evening. Finished at 11++pm, got home and continue working till 3am - 4am. Why? Cos DMT target meeting, Board meeting, Board strategy meeting, TMT strategy meeting, etc... All in 1 week.. really pengsan...

But, I had fun serving as a greeter. Mom was helping at the costume. And this boy, Kenneth, the very lovable boy....

Monday, December 8, 2008


It's a planned S'pore trip. Visiting aunt, grandpa and grandma. I found that I don't fancy going to S'pore ever since sis left to Perth. Well, mom still gotta go. We drove there. Surprising no jam.

Upon arriving at aunt's place. We had some tea before heading out for lunch. Japanese (again) lunch at Lot 1. hmm..... Well, it's not about the food, for me, it's the company.

Then, we shopped awhile. Gosh... the sales girl in the shops really got me trying most of the clothes. I literally just stay in the changing area. pengsan... and everything also they said nice. Until I told them, since everything is nice on me, I am gonna charge you for modelling. errhh......

The next day, after meeting Pei Ling (my secondary school friend) for lunch, aunt picked me up from Lot 1 and we went to Vivo City. It's really a lot of people.

We saw The Dulous ship. I think they kinda just arrived. Then, after some shopping. We went for Haagan Daz ice cream, outdoor. It's really relaxing. I like it (the relaxed, the ice cream, the atmosphere).. :)

In the evening we went to visit another grand-aunt. She cooked so much. Of course, they talked a lot too. She stays in HDB flat which is so high up and able to see the plane passing by. On the way back that night, we actually passed-by where sis used to stay, The Champaign, suddenly I missed her so much. I have not see her for 1 year 2 months now...

Before returning to Malaysia on the 8th, we went to meet up another grand-uncle (big family I have, uh?!). Well, I have not seen this family before due to some adults issues. But, I can see that they are a very loving and united family.

It was about 6pm by the time I got home and I still gonna work the next day.... :(

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Japanese Dinner

We went to dinner with a friend. Catching and missing each other. It was at Japanese restaurant @ PJ Hilton.

Boon Hwa got his new Canon camera, 50D Mark II and was trying out on us. And me with my IXUS 850. Well, I actually felt like hiding my camera. But, well, who cares? So, I still had my pictures taken. For me, a camera is to capture the moment. heheh...

The dinner was well. I realised even my phone also had some egg on, gosh.. what's happening.. My phone got hungry too??!! Or, someone simply feel like feeding my phone?? hmm... Well, the atmosphere was cool.... We were the 1st customers to arrived and last to leave. Not bad uh.. Optimization.... haha... pengsan (fainted)...

Kjersti was touched when we gave her the photo frame with picture. Michelle was emotional, a bit.

Then, the adults talked and the kids got quite bored. I thought them to make boats and many they make and in water as well.. hahaha... :D

Well, all of us had a good time, I hope. At least, I did. :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Moon is smiling at U...

Fong rang me and hurried me to look at the moon. What?? The MOON???? I was still in office finishing the last bit and about to go when I got a phone call from her. She told me the moon is smiling at me? WHAT??? I thought she must be joking. But, well, it makes her to call me, it must be something special. (F0ng, I really appreciate that you rang and told me about it that I didn't miss it...)

I took my camera, walked near the window at my area, couldn't see. Walk to the other side of the building. Still see nothing. OK. I thought, just let me quickly finished whatever I am doing (not that urgent anyway) and pack to go.

Once I stepped out of the lobby... WOW!!! Amazing!!! The moon is really SMILING at me... It's so nice.. So, what did I do? Dropped my computer bag, and papers on the floor, picked up my camera. I knew it wouldn't be so nice as I am just using Canon Ixus 850. But, well, just tried and tried... Wow... not bad..

I called Kamal to come down to look at the moon as well. And I called a few more ppl and smsed to a lot more. I also rang home... (ok.. I know I sounded crazy...) hahah.... Good things must be shared!!! :) Oh.. Later, I also rang my sister in Perth wondering if they can see too. And yes, they can see that too and she was out taking pictures and video.. haha... Later, Kamal told me, the 'eyes' were Jupiter and Venus.

Strangely, the moon seen at naked eye was yellow, some pictures captured as yellow. But, some were blue and red too.. ?! Weird-aye!!

Later, I found this web: http://www.space.com/spacewatch/081121-ns-jupiter-venus-moon.html

This is really cool... I have always interested to look at the sky/ stars. But, it's too bright at night in the city. I missed my childhood.... oh.. Skyline in NZ was very pretty too, especially at clear summer night. All the stars.. wow... I can only recognised a few...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Target Workshop

Long before Kjersti left, she has been sharing her experiences of doing the Target Workshop with her management team and the effectiveness. Since then, I started to have discussion and planning for it. Then, she left and so, I tossed some ideas with Ole.

Well, Technology has not done this (not as a division) before. Hence, I was quite conscious about it. I always had a picture of how it will be in my mind, and was afraid it may not turn out to be as good or even much lower than what I imagined.

I reckoned it was quite hard to start at the beginning as everyone was new to this process. So, we had TMT to assist in explaining, facilitating. We did not want the TMT to participate so much so we could have the managers to discuss and suggest the targets.

Then, it went pretty well. So, I shall not worry. :)

The next day started quite alright as well. We saw each department trying to address the comments given earlier days and people were engaged in discussion.

Thank God that the workshop went well. In fact, a lot have said that this has given opportunities to discuss targets of other departments and understand each other. Some even suggested to have this on quarterly basis. I guessed all my hard works were worth it in a way or another. It's not easy to get things done and prepared for a meeting with about 45 people. Gosh.... Really thank God.

Well, I kinda felt really exhausted after the whole woskshop was over. (I always felt exhausted whenever there's an offsite meeting. Like the Roller Coaster also the same.) But, the work was not done yet. They need to go back refine and retune those targets and send to me again for discussion in the upcoming strategy meeting.. That also means, I pengsan (fainted...).....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parking at Lot 30

I went for my annual health screening today knowing that I will not be able to get a parking when I get back at about 10am.

hmm... True enough Lot 10 was full. Lot 43 has the 'Parking Full' board hang at the gate, Lot 42: I went in for 1 round and it's none. :( Then, I went to the Open car park, also nope. Lastly, I went to Lot 30 (I passed by earlier and I think the guard nodded). By the time, I turned back, no guard at the gate, so, I waited awhile. The guard came and told me no. I kinda begged and asked him to help check with his other colleagues. The guard asked me to wait and after checking, he asked me to go in for there's ONE. wow.. Thank God..

Low and behold, the parking lot seems quite tight for me (with my parking skill.. errhh... ) Well, a guard helped me. It was perfect. There's this DiGi truck behind me and a MyVi infront, wow...

So, by the time, I went to collect the car about 8++pm, all cars were gone, only left my lonely Wira with all the blowers....

It's been ages since I parked at Lot 30. I kinda missed the fun of getting in early and choose a good spot for parking. Especially, passing underneath the tower.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's so super hot today!!! Well, it rained in the morning, and sunshine thereafter....

It was so hot that I felt so tired. So pengsan... Imagine fish living without water... At one time, dad thought I fall sick. Well, I didn't. I just look exhauted due to the heat... Ya.. I couldn't take the heat + humidity so well. Still feel hot even I took the cold water shower. Actually, the water was hot too...

Aiks... aiks...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Change tag (again!?)

This is my 3rd tag after working 3 years and 5 months (exactly) in the same company. Wow!!! 3 times!! Yes.. 1st, newly joined the company (of course lar.. ). 2nd, changed office location, from Lot 30 to Lot 10. 3rd (now), do away the security system. So, this tag is just a tag to let others know who you are.

I forgot to snap a picture of my old tag before they dismantled it and took out the transponder. Well, smaller tag...

Wonder: How much does it cost to change the tag? How much did it cost on the security system invested (now, abandon)? How sure are we that vendors will not simply walk around? How sure are we that we will be safe working till late night in the office? I hope someone has considered all these? Yes to efficient and simplicity, well, one also need to consider the security part of it...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Meeting up

We met up. It was a cosy evening. We spent time talking, chatting. Nothing about office. Just like a bunch of old friends. We enjoyed each others' accompany (at least for me).

I know I am gonna miss it so much... For me, spending time with friends (did I say friends?? When do I make friends with colleagues?? Will that be possible?? But, who cares. At least for now, I take them as my friends. Not just a hi-bye friends, but, someone who can share.) are something worth investing about. Investing into relationship are not just about $$, it also includes time + afford + heart. A sincere heart.

Someone told me that I have closed my heart (though I really care) as I don't want to get hurt again. Is this true? Maybe...

At least for now, I am still learning to treasure everything I have and around me. Most important, not taking what I have for granted.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Awards Night 2008

It's the yearly awards night. Girls who finished all the batches will get crown (like graduation). They have put in a lot of affords to learn about God, to be a godly woman, etc... It's something all girls looking forward to.

This year, 6 girls got their crown. And we have different groups (Daisy, Prims, Stars) to present as well.

For me, I got so proud of the girls who are able to made it through and seeing them grow, open and care for each other. :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

2nd Summer Holiday in NZ

I planned so much this summer as it's gonna be my last summer in NZ. Though the thought of staying on was strong and the offer of help (should have take it rather than being so naive.. aiks.. ).

I went for 1 or 2 interviews (failed lar)... Once, I went to look for Wai Teng at Lower Hutt after my interview. I took so many pictures, I think the entire 24 negatives were all me only.. Well, the flowers were so pretty.

Went for drag netting also. However, I didn't go into the sea this time around. 1. More ppl joined. 2. Gave others the opportunity. Also, went to collect/ pick mussle from the sea. It's quite a nice experience. The law says: one can only take only if the mussle is as big as the palm. This is to protect the environment and habitat thingy. Then, we cooked them.. Yummy...

Oh.. I also went to public library to get some Chinese book. Else, I will lost it. Think about me unable to speak after only few months of not using it.. Scary..

I also worked quite a bit. 1. Full time in U-Save Autoparts world or as long as 40 hours a week, 2. part-time waitressing (yum-cha and dine in, both also Chinese restaurant), 3. assist in setting up shop (leather shop), 4. picking up trash after national cricket competition (so, we always have free show).. heheh...

Went to fruits picking. I drove up north with Wai Teng to find the place. We enjoyed ourselves so much.

We saw this huge cow on our way and I insisted to take a picture. Wai Teng was so afraid (it's a red car) and she snapped from the car.. pengsan... (Don't fool by the way we dressed, just 2 of us self declared as puteri lilin (afraid of sun)). pengsan...

We picked strawberry and eat at the same time, blueberries, wild berries. So much.. And the pumpkins were so huge and cheap.

I graduated this summer in December.

It's quite fun. We walked/ parade from Parliament house to the City Hall during lunch hour. A lot of friends, relatives, office professionals stand by the roadside waving, cheering, clapping, taking pictures of us. I felt so proud of myself, I felt like as if I was the star. I supposed everyone of us did.

Ba and ma didn't go though I wish they would have. So, Su-poh came.

We took a lot of pictures. We went to botanical garden, the graduation itself, back to uni......

We had a dinner ourselves after the graduation. Just to celebrate. Actually, it's kinda mixed feelings where on one hand, it meant we achieved something, another we will be going into the 'real' world and separated with friends....

I was offered to take up MBA, I didn't due to financial. Though I would like to take that up very much.. It's very interesting to do finance management.

Another highlight of this summer: travel the entire NZ. I found out this company, Connection 18 - 35. It's something like Contiki. I find it slightly cheaper and cover more interesting places. So, I joined the 10 days trip covering North and South Island. Was it nice? I strongly recommend ppl. If one has a chance, self drive in NZ would be the best.

The tour will start from Christchurch. I went to Christchurch earlier, spent 1 - 2 days there. The last time I went was winter. And it's summer now. I was this BMW with the guy who went to Antarctica and back. So, that's the parade...

We headed to Dunedin. The weather changed so much and it's like winter for a day. I was freezing as I didn't prepare for the changed of weather in the midst of summer especially when the Southerly wind blew. We went to look at the returning of penguins. All these were yellow eye-penguin. We were talking in the tunnel and was told not to make noise (not to spoil the habitat) and no flash (not wanting to blind them). It's really interesting to see the parents came back from the ocean and start feeding the young ones...

Of course, we went to the steepest street in Southern hemisphere.

Next we went to West Coast, Milford Sound. It's a national park. Then, we were told that we will get on the cruise ride, out to Tasmania water. Not only that, we will be spending one night on the cruise. It's not a very big cruise. It's just nice. The scenery was awesome. I was really amazed with the creations of God.

The cruise parked at somewhere really quiet for the night and we woke up the next morning looking at the still water and the scenery was just so amazing. I felt so blessed. I have fallen in love with Milford Sound.

For whoever going to New Zealand, Milford Sound is a MUST!!!! The Lord of The Ring was mostly shot here too.

From there, we travelled north to Queenstown. This is a place filled with activities, especially if you are really outdoor type of person and you are adventurous. Also, you will need to have $$$... heheh...

For me, I only took the speedboat which was really exciting. The driver drove so near to the cliff, make 180 degree turning. We had fun by screaming our heart out.. haha.... Then, most of the rest of the time, I was doing sight seeing since I already promised that I will not do bungy jump (else, I wouldn't be landed in NZ, the condition lor).

We went to glacier as well. Actually, only those who wanted to walk on the glacier should go. Miki and I just wanted to go and have a look though not knowing how to get back to where we stayed later. But, we didn't care so much. It's too expensive for us to have those activities especially for new born graduates. :(

So, we just walked, took pictures. We intended to walk back. Yes, it sounds crazy. As we walked and took pictures, there was an elderly couple gave us a ride back. Were we afraid. Sure!! Of course. Stranger!!! But, well, we were willing to take the risks... hahaha... pengsan...

Went to Picton to take the ferry to Wellington. My home. Wow... the place I was so familiar with. By then, I started to get a bit tired already.

We went to Rotorua. A place filled with sulphate. Our clothes, all our clothes I meant, smell like that. Gosh.. Even we close all the doors and windows.

We attended the Maori traditional performances, had dinner. The food was cooked with the heat from earth, sulphate. For me, food is food. Only to fill the stomach.. :s

Waikato was my last destination with the group. It's kinda sad to leave them, suddenly, though I was really tired by now. Waikato has this Aurora rabbit which has really long fur where they will have to shave the fur for winter clothing materials. Very expensive, was told by Chooi-Lee as she was in designing industry.

Then, I stopped at Auckland. I stayed with Annette (Taiwanese).

We went to casino in Sky Tower. We didn't go in as we were not interested. I went for my hair cut, 2 hours or more for a dry cut. Gosh.... That guy was really careful, he studied my hair, explained, design, etc... ect.. I only knew my friends were starting to be impatienced. haha.. But, the end result?? We all loved it.. SO MUCH!!!! Worth the time... :)

Then, I travelled back to Wellington from Auckland by bus with Janice and Susanna. It's horrible. DON'T ever travel by bus.. It's super long hours and it's bad!!!!

oh... I nearly forgot. I make this bear as well... I sew it with my own hands. It's a birthday present for my younger sister. For someone like me, who doesn't sew, I was actually very proud of myself. hahah.... Ya.. I post the bear back. Well, later, they told me the connection on the neck was not firm enough and as if it will break his neck anytime.. aiks.. But, I have not seen this bear upon my return... Weird... Must be in one of those box, I figured...

Then, it's almost time to say good-bye. It's sad.... Went dinner with so many friends, so many appointments. I started to miss my room, missed the view from my room, the food by Su-poh, every moment with friends, Vic, the weather, the strong wind in Wellington, the earth quake, the lobsters, the mussle, the stars in summer nights, etc. etc. etc.....

I was once Wellingtonians.

I was really sad to say good-bye at the airport to those who came to send me off. 2 years 1 month or so in NZ. I didn't know when will I see them again. But, surely, I will miss them a lot.. I was so so down in the aircraft. I looked out the window and look at the seas, the ocean, the mountains.... Then, all slowly became smaller, soon disappear. I was tearing a little as I really controlled myself.

There closed a part of chapter of my life. I didn't go home from Wellington. I flew to Brisbane instead. Why? Cos, my younger sister, May Hui, just arrived there and starting her engineering degree with QUT. So, I went over to pass some winter clothing for her. (oh.. my belongings in Wellington, there were being cargo-ed back, should arrive 1 or 2 days later than me). Gave her some money I earned (so proud of myself again... pengsan...). Helped her to settle the bank, took her to her varsity. Basically, helping her to settle down.

Then, this time, I really flew back. Since, there's no direct flight. I had to go to Melbourne airport for transit. Also, I was looking for cheap ticket. The ground crew (he) was so funny, he saw me in my bermuda kinda pants with really nice cartoon and came from behind the counter wanna dance with me.. aiks.... so embarrassing... pengsan lar..

I arrived back to Malaysia (KLIA) about midnight. I have not seen my parents for more than 2 years and vice versa, will they recognise me? Will I recognise them? I was thinking a lot of questions on my way back, some really silly ones..

So, I arrived at KLIA (1st time at this new airport ler.. When I left, I was at Subang airport). Custome clearance was shocking. The officer was asking me question and I couldn't understand him. At first, I thought I didn't pay attention. Then, I got him to repeat himself. I still couldn't get him. I was a little panic, was there anything wrong with my passport? Then, he looked at me puzzled. He asked again, where are you from? (arh.. this I know. This is English...). I told him, I finished studying in New Zealand, now back from Australia. Then, he handed my passport back to me. I still didn't know what he was saying till few days later, I figured, he was asking me in Malay: Cik, dari mana? aiyoo.... pengsan.... How I know lar...

Then, next thing. I lost my luggage. Someone took my luggage. One of it. So, I was making report in English. Was so glad that the officer was helpful.

By the time I cleared everything, it was passed midnight. I came out, didn't see ba and ma. I just sat on the bench waiting. Then, I saw them in hurried and worried. Surprisingly that I was so calm when I told them I lost my luggage. They started to get worry as they didn't see any more passengers came out. They went to check on counter if I boarded, and what happened... haha.... Dramatic....

Reached home about 1am = almost 6am in NZ. I couldn't sleep. And I stayed up...

Upon returning, aside applying to job. I needa adjust myself on the culture here. 2 years can change me so much.. Eg. 1. I wore my shoes into the house (that's what I did when I stayed with Su-gong they all). Shoes right into the bed room. Vacuum lar.. So, mom had to remind me several times. 2. Public transport in Malay. errhh.. I sounded weird. 3. Nasi lemak was super spicy (though I still take spicy food in NZ), nasi lemak was still hot... 4. Weather is so hot and humid...

I was hospitalised right before I went for my interview (I got the job at the end).. Why?? Viral infection. Dad said, it's the nasi lemak and the weather that I cannot take... I agree. I was like fish on land... hahaha.. :D

So, after 10 years now. Many things happened... I still missed those time we spent in NZ..... It's not just words/ blog can do. It's there in my heart and up there in my memory.... :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life in New Zealand - Part II

Then, it came the 2nd year in NZ and my final year in varsity. A year filled with mixed feelings...

That winter, I visited some friends studying in Otago. I flied in to Dunedin and went to Christchurch by van to visit another friend. Jane (whom I have lost contact now) took me the steepest street in Southern hemisphere. It's 45 degree and it's so amazing that ppl still can park their cars there...

Then, I visited Christchurch. The journey from Dunedin to Christchurch was 5 hours or more. It's tiring... :( But, I managed to see a lot.. hehe...

Here, I met with my sister's lecturer (like that also can). He was lecturing in RMIT, Australia and then moved to University of Canterbury. He was teaching Finance (my major)... Well, it's very nice of him to take me out for dinner and he introduced me to Peking Duck.. yummy...

This winter, we had the Christian camp also. This time, it's OCF + CU = NECF. It only happens every 4 years. Wow.. sounds like Olympic. And so, I went. It's fun. I am the only Asian in our bunk and the culture was a bit shocking. Winter without hot water was horrible. Still, I took my shower.

This winter I also went for a ski trip. Woohoo!!! I learnt that previously OCF did organised a yearly skiing trip. But, they didn't in my 1st year there. So, I started to sweet talk, persuaded the advisors to have one.. And finally, God answered my prayer. So, we went for the ski... woohoo!!! sweet-as... :D

It's kinda exciting. I think we had 2 - 3 vans there. Half way up the hill, we saw a lot of cars stopping aside and we learnt that we it's slippery going up and we need to chained up the wheels..

So, while waiting and traffic was heavy. I asked for permission to leave the van and stand by the road side and took some photos. Soon, more joined.. hehe...

After settling down, we went to the mountain. Started the skiing session after sorted out the renting or gears. It's not easy at all. And in fact, have to learn to fall (what??) and how to get up (the important part). There were snow making machine as the snow fall was not sufficient.

It was tiring to learn to ski. And for me, I was forever at the beginner session.. Scared lar.. What if I went down to the valley?? Don't play2...

Somehow, someone hit me with the snowball (actually iceball as it's fake snow and it's hard. It will be difficult to make snowball if it's real snow). Gosh.. It went straight into my face and I fall (imagine those you read in comic or saw in the cartoon). It's so painful and my left face was red... Then, before I manged to got up. Another into my direction. I was alone and more attacked... Wait a minute!!! What's happening?? They really enjoying attacking me. I tried to defence, but, not able to. I was literally crawling and screaming for help. And they decided to stop after seeing me defeated... Aiks...

We woke up the 2nd day and it was snowing. So, Janice and I went outside and took pictures ignoring the cold. And the snow flakes was exactly like the shape one see on Christmas tree. Wow!!! Amazing. Snow!!!

We went up to the mountain again and saw that where we sat the day earlier was covered with snow. It's much colder also after the snow. We didn't ski much that day as we need to get back soon.

Oh.. With Japanese in our trip. Ok... They were the expert. Takashi is very good in skiing while Takeo is good in snow boarding. Guess what? Takashi and I were having the same birthday, same date, same month, same year. Wow!!! Amazing!!!!!!! COOL!!!! How many ppl actually met someone sharing the same birthday (aside twins lar, ok...)....

So, my 2 days 1 night ski trip ended. I was so tired once I reached home. Slept and my muscles were starting to relax and I can feel my body kinda 'jumped' on the bed... Well, too bad, I am not good in describing it.. But, the experience was different.

This winter, Wai Mun finished his degree and went back to Malaysia. The 5 of us from twinning programe (Janice, Susanna, Pang & Wai Mun) grew closer. We were like family. Whenever I was down, they will make me laugh, and we shared and care for each others. Then, of course, Dennis as well.

This winter, Russell and Lerk Shih left for Malaysia also. They have decided to come back to Malaysia for good. Until don't know when. I remembered Lerk Shih scolded/ lectured me for driving myself to the emergency clinic in the middle of the winter night. I was home alone then as great grandma was really back in Malaysia and the whole family was not around. I took some medications, still felt really sick that I thought I was dying. Then, it was my 1st winter in NZ. I didn't know if I was cold or what. I had heater and was still feeling very sick. So, I drove myself for doctor. Then, I realised that there were ppl out there who cared so much and willingly to give so much.

I also remembered it was Russell and Lerk Shih who took me for a 2 days 1 night up to Auckland in the summer. I was pretty down at work and they called me in the afternoon that they wanted to go to Auckland to visit a camp and if I wanted to tag along. Well, i wanted. After seeking approval from su-gong, they picked me up in the evening and we went. It's 8 hours drive from Wellington to Auckland.

So, we stayed somewhere for the night and continue the next day. Passed by the Dessert Road, and many towns, Lake Taupo, etc... It was a good breakaway. A good runaway and get to some where. Eversince, I didn't manage to do anything like that.

For me: friends are to be there good and bad times. Especially bad times.

Then, it's exam and studies.... Till towards the end of Semester 2. Mid-Autum festivals. We invited friends over. Shared and have fellowship. Aloysious and I were the spokeperson for the night. pengsan....

Then, someone started to stick all their name tags on me.. So, I have all different names towards the end, front and back.

After that, it's big time to prepare for my final exam. Just before that, we make a birthday surprise for Rosalind. I baked her a cake. A Blackforrest cake. :) It's not bad, actually.. Just the shape was a bit weird as we didn't have the proper baking tray. haha.. pengsan....

After exam would be mid Spring and Summer. What did I do for my 2nd summer? arh.... Wanna know more??

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1st Summer Holiday in NZ

So, I decided to go to Australia. Melbourne (Cheng Yin, my ex-housemate/ roomate during Inti time was there). Brisbane & Surfers Paradise and Sydney (cousin and uncle there). So, I rang home and told Su-gong about my plan. (Sure have to tell boss that I am stopping work for holiday, right? haha.. pengsan).. Then, I started planning. Yeah.. I managed to get cheap flight from Flight Center (cheapest I can get and eversince I used them). Sure, I travelled as I was a student. hahaha..... Student rate though still expensive for me.

So, it's a 14 days trip (if not mistaken). I flew into Melbourne. Experienced a little of local life. And Cheng Yin's friend took us to Casino. I think. I really can't remember. But, I think there's where the Planet Hollywood was.

We went to Great Ocean Road with a tour. My experience told me that it's better to go by self drive, whenever possible and give a bit more time by staying overnight. That's where one can truly enjoy. For us, it's only a day trip.

Well, it's hot. It's summer. But, there's no wind. So, unlike Wellington. Upon returning, I went out with my sister's friend (she has left Oz a year ago and still some friends there) for dinner/ supper. It's still bright though it's already about 8pm as it's summer.

We went into Melbourne U on our way for food. Cool.. I really like the campus as my uni is a city campus (though not really. It's on the hill). So, unlike this. I had ice-cream only and a bit of pizza as it's just too hot.

Next, we went to Brisbane/ Surfers Paradise. By flight. I struggled a little if I should take flight or train. Train allows me to see more but longer. So, flight (I was a student)...

We just walked around Brisbane the 1st day. It's not that big. We managed to do that in a day or less.

Then, we went to Fraser Island. The largest sand island. The sand is so fine that it actually able to clean the jewleries. And it's really back to nature. I like rain forest. Actually, it's not that humid. We had to be on a special car, huge wheels as it's all sand. It's totally great experience. Yeah.. sis been there and she recommended. And I also recommending for those who have the time and appreciate nature.

OK. Then, back from Fraser Island. We are going to Surfers Paradise. We went by bus. And we went to 3 theme parks (cheaper mar...), Sea World, Movie World and Dream World.

In order to enjoyed everything, we were those early comers and the last (like ppl shutting down) to go. Fully utilised (kia-su lar... pengsan)... hahah... As the weather was so hot, i went for the same water ride so many times till I didn't even scream and just enjoy the water splashing on me. Yes... I know it's crazy. Who cares? Further, not many after certain hours and all free rides... Value back mar.. Those costume ppl like to tease me but not Cheng Yin. They pulled my bag, my hair, my clothes. aiyoo...

Oh.. the little car can spray water. And I sneaked into the car while the owner (magician) was away.. haha... :D

What's next?? Sydney. It's still hot. We joined the day tour thingy to go round the city. There's the bus for one to hop in and out. It's so convenient.

Blue mountain was hazzy then. Personally, I didn't quite like Sydney as it's a big city. Also, maybe I was tired after so many days of travelling.

So, time to go back and start to prepare for the start of semester especially, this time around, I have volunteered myself on the Orientation thingy (since most my kaki not around). I have to find something to keep myself busy.

Oh... This summer, su-gong they all shifted as well. I thought I could find the chance to stay in hostel. But, well... So, we moved to Paremata. Even further than varsity. It's about 30 - 40 minutes drive. And I couldn't take public transport. Else, I have to walk quite a distance to catch the train to city. From there take a bus. aiyoo.... When we were in Seatoun, since Kawai also doing his BA, he normally fetched me to and from school. Otherwise, I will take bus (about 45 - 60 minutes). So, since moved, I got to drive myself and parking on the hilly area aint fun at all. And paying the parking fees, petrol.. aiyoo... Oh.. I was using Kawai's car then.

This summer, I got myself a NZ driving license.

This summer, I did something else also. Dragnetting. Ruby's friends decided to go to the beach and had the yearly thingy. So, I followed. And so Ruth and her friends (they were TNB scholarship holders in various universities in NZ).
Initially, it's kinda scary to walk with a net in the sea (cos I don't know how to swim mar). And the sea level was above chest. When the wave came, it could be till my neck. Scary.. But, I have someone or 2 with me as it really required a lot of strength. I got sunburnt from it though it's a gloomy day. By the time I washed up and ready to feast on our catch was about 9.30pm, I didn't notice it at all as it was still bright.

So, that's my summer (end Oct - mid Feb).