Sunday, June 28, 2009

Malacca + Muar Trip

Initially planned to go Cameron this weekend... Well, too bad that I have Missionettes closing Hi-tea and girls graduating. So, instead of Cameron, we go to Malacca.

They came to fetch me at about 9.30am and we got to Malacca at about 10++am... It's already quite heavy traffic there....

We wanted to go to St. John place but, too many ppl and not able to find parking. Then, we went to St. Paul's hill instead. So hot, so humid... so pengsan....

Then, we went for food, hmm.... it's very much for tourists, we reckon. We didn't shop much too cos the weather was just too hot and humid for us. It's just so unlike Perth, where I was exposed under the sun and yet was alright, though hot too, at least not so humid.

Then, someone suggested to go to Muar and so we went Muar instead. There on, not much photo taking, probably tired already. The food here was not too bad... The fish cooked in pedas masam, the rojak, the mee rebus.... Actually, i just ate whatever they ordered. We shared the food so we could try more varieties. hahah... that's the way..... :)

Reached back home at about 6pm as the traffic on highway was quite heavy as all heading back to KL. Well, they enjoyed the mini orchad at home cos we have rambutan and these city ppl like green. Everything is new for them. hahaha.... =D

It's Who were we? We = Sherine, Boon Hwa, Karim + me. :)
Well, I hope all had a good time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shake it, move it @ DiGi

All were told to block 26 June as it's gonna be a great party on that day.

Later, we received quite a number of teasers in the mail and we were guessing that we need to change floor/ seating areas... hmm..... (I still don't know where am I going to sit, gotta find out tomorrow morning from the LCD TV)... And we also heard that it's gonna be new branding, new value, etc..... We were also told to pack our lockers, pack our things, and the most interesting thing was to Work @ on Friday morning. All to only go back to office at 2pm.

Work @ simply means you can work at any where you like, just be contactable on office matter.

By about 2pm, we were not allow to go into the office, those who were in there earlier were asked to come out. Then, we went to look for our group. The event started with all to go through tunnels, where we will get changed into XL t-shirt (like pajamas for me... ) and make commitment to stay as a group to complete the event.

Each team was given a 'passport' where we need to go to all the floors, had some games, get passwords, etc. Games were fun and challenging... most important, it's not about competition against each group (yet some still treated as it was), the most important thing (for me, at least), is to stay as a team to work as a team, and we could also help other teams too.

The new values: Be respecful, Be inspiring, Make it easy, Keep promises

And new value proposition: Made for me, Best deal, Make it easy

At the end, we all got rewarded by ice cream and gathered at Townhall for some short slides presentation on the value proposition by DMT and proceed to have food at open car park. Then, followed by some entertainments.

It's tiring........ I actually fall asleep a few times (with my eyes open) while driving back home...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Poor innocent car got hit by some xxxxx

Well, after Roller Coaster, next is the Board Strategy meeting and Board meeting.... Gosh, the sleepless nights continue.

Audrey rang me on Monday evening for dinner and I reckon I should go since I didn't see her for quite some time and well, my stomach needs food. So, we went to nearby mamak restaurant.

Collected my car from the company's open space (right in front of office) car park and parked my car at the restaurant. I noticed something not so right with the left front of my car. I went to check, low and behold, someone BANG my car and that fella must be in the same office... And the worst thing is that fella just went off without even leaving a sorry note with me. At least a note.

I got really upset. Very upset. Parked the car in office and got accident for nothing... Was so angry for the rest of the night and till the next day. Then, the left front passenger door cannot be opened and I needa spent $$...

My sister and a few friends asked me to go around office and match the car paint... I should do that.....

Gee..... what's happening. I really wish that ppl will have at least leave a sorry note rather than just ran away. Also, it gave me an impression, if the ppl working in the same office can be so irresponsible over personal things, how would the person handle company/ roles given? Maybe you will think I am a bit too pessimistic, but, that's the truth. A person's character reflect from the daily life.

Ya... my heart is still aching.... sob... sob.... I really need donation.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Belated + Early Birthday Celebration

There were so much to be done, so many sleepless night. Well, I did sleep, like 2 - 3 hours and woke-up in the middle of the night and continue to work.... Earlier I suggested to have a birthday celebration after our Roller Coaster. All agreed. But, after all the sleepless nights, they were concern of my condition. Well, I still need to fill the stomach.

So, we went to TGIF, nearest, for a simple Birthday celebration. We shared most of our food. Ordered some food with cheese, and salad and etc.... The Shanghai salad was nice. I like it, personally. =)

Then, the real birthday celebration. I really salute those ppl who celebrated their birthday at TGIF, need a lot of courage. I, definitely not one of those and I don't like to be one of those as well. Out of comfort zone. I reckon, Asian are basically shy ppl. ;)

And we had cakes. hmm.... Too rich and we didn't finish.

Afterall, it's a good time that we had... It's the company that counts, right? For me, though tired, it's worth it with you guys.... :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dinner at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel

It was difficult to decide a descent place to eat sometimes, and yes, I am referring to Malaysia. Because of too many choices. hahaa...

So, we ended up at Zuan Yuan at One World Hotel at One Utama. The atmosphere and ambiance was superb. The entrance was so nice that we couldn't resist and started to take pictures. haha...

We had quite some nice food as well, Peking duck, tiger prawn, tofu, stir friend vege, and onion ginger duck (from the Peking duck...).... All so yummy.

At the end, we ordered dessert. Actually, we ordered 4 avocado cream thingy, and 1 some honeydew with sago. But, the waitress served 5 honeydew thingy, we dared not touch as we ordered something else, then, we realised that the captain actually served us more just for us to taste. Wow... It's so nice of him... :)

Oh... What's the dinner about? Well, our dear friend is leaving for good and so, we thought just to have a proper meal as we were not sure when will be the next time to meet again. It's quite heavy hearted towards the end. Yes, everything will come to an end, we are human, ok..... She actually changed her flight ticket just because wanting to have a proper 'see you again' session.

I guess I am not very good in expressing my emotion as well (perhaps Matthew pick that up from me...)... But, surely we miss her so much... :)

Take care my friend and till we meet again....