Saturday, March 29, 2008


Another morning at Kepayang hill

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

See-ya, Morten Lundal

Morten was my CEO in DiGi. At last, this was the day to have a full stop in DiGi. He will be starting a new Chapter in Vodafone, UK.

Well, my 1st contact with Morten was in IC. And more IC meetings.

The more recent event that I remembered very well was he was actually working with me in getting the 2008 Capex Plan slide for Telenor and Board. He is a person who truly lives up to the DiGi values. He will talk and work at all levels.

Another incident was where he visited Finance, and he walked pass our (me, Viveen and Christine) tables and commented that we have the messiest table in DiGi. Well, I was having 1 desktop, 1 laptop and there were food on our table.

And now, he is actually leaving us for his new chapter.
Speeches were given by Johan (new CEO, ex-CFO, ex-CMO), Morten himself, reps from various divisions.

Sarah, Morten's wife, joined the party.

It's how amazing we turned townhall to a party ballroom. It's the same place where we turned it in to D'Spa.

At the end, Morten went off in a Pronto Saga. He has never been in Proton.

Will always remember you as my CEO. See-ya, Morten. Take care.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kepayang Hill

Have been and will be hiking/ walking at Kepayang Hill at least every Saturday with Fong. Why? Coz, I have to prepare myself for Mt. Kinabalu in July lor.. pengsan..

The sun rise and view is different each time we went up there.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Weekend

Planned to make something for the Fellowship for Easter. For me, I think Easter is much important than Christmas. Without Easter, we are nothing. Christ died on the cross for all our sins and He has risen from the death. He has overcome the death.

I was at Auntie Cherry's house and they were talking about jelly eggs. So, I said, ok, let's do it. Then, we started to prepare the egg shelves.

I went there again on the following Thursday, after the Gasing hike to make jelly and pour in the eggs. Of course, washed and egg shelves and dried them. That's why I needed to prepare those 1 week earlier.

And I also make the jelly into other mould as well.

I was glad that they like it.

Gasing Hill

We planned this hike especially for those who are going to Mt. Kinabalu in July. (Yes. I know. I think I must be crazy, so crazy, that I am going to Mt. K again, gosh! Well, with different group of ppl, but still...). And guess what? We found out Kjersti (CTO) likes to hike also and we extended our invitation to her. And she came. Ling Ling joined us as well. :)

We were supposed to meet at 7am. But, only most people came at 7+am. We started at almost 7.30am. It rained the day before, hence, it was a bit wet and muddy. And there were so many people came here for morning 'walk'. Kinda crowded.

We stopped at the lookout area to rest and enjoyed the view a little.

Kjersti had her son with us as well. Very energetic. He was so excited when we reached the suspension bridge. Actually, I was too. haha...

Then, not far ahead of us is kinda straight climb. It looks hard, but, actually, not really. There were ropes at the side to help which makes it easier. Hand is not needed to help to push yourself.

And I was kinda disappointed that the top was just like normal. I was expecting a flat lookout area, like Kepayang Hill, at least(?)... hmm..... Well, at least, I've been there. :)

John's sole came off on the way up. Well, at least now than Mt. Kinabalu.

Finally, back to civilization after 2 hours hike. I realised people tend to be nicer to each other in the during the walk. Greeting each other though we don't know each other. But, it never happens in our daily life. Probably, people will think we are mad by doing so. Why??? Shouldn't we be the same?????

Anyway, went for breakfast. All of us were so hungry. We shared nasi lemak, and I ordered this roti segi empat (square roti(?)). It's crispy. Of course, I had my Milo as well. :)

It was a good outing. I think we should have the next one soon. Hey, we need to practise for Mt. Kinabalu lar...

Then, we head home separately. I went back to Seremban coz I needa make something.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This time Ling Ling is leaving pulak... So sad.. We just started get more comfortable and closer to each other and she's gone.

She is such an energetic and positive lady. And she is so helpful and smiling all the time.

Since she has a tight schedule. We decided to have a gathering (instead of farewell) after she left. ha... I think this is better. This is friends do, always catching and meeting up.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Picnic Lunch

It's another events with Morten. Also 100 participants only. We had local home cook food instead this time. Some didn't have the time to buy, so ta-pau lor...

Adzhar can make really nice teh tarik.

The weather was hot. I think everyone enjoyed though.

Friday, March 14, 2008


The day has come. It's Christine's last day in DiGi. Time flies. I will surely missed her especially morning, as we were in the office very early. And I will missed her for all the arguments especially when it comes to quarterly forecasting between us and Viveen.

I start missing her already.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sarong Party

The party was meant for Morten, my CEO. He is leaving DiGi soon. So, DiGi decided to have Sarong Party. This party is only limited to 100 people on 1st come 1st register basis.

On the day itself, Sherine gave me a sarong and we attended. It's how amazing that Ole and Nathan can wear a sarong so well. Ole is from Norway and Nathan from USA and he is very local.

The party was served with local fruits. It was fun.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Baba saw this visitor in the garage walking around. So, he picked him (I assumed) and started to feed this fellow. It was such a huge prawn. How on earth landed at our house?

*Note: It disappeared after a heavy rain on Friday night. We discovered that he was no longer at his home on Saturday morning. So sad. I was still talking to him on Friday. I hope he is still alive now. Miss u, prawn.