Thursday, January 31, 2008


woohoo!!! Cherries in the office!? Yupe!! Audrey shared her cherries with us. It was so sweet of her and of course the cherries too. Thanks, Audrey!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Long Time

James, my friend from Jakarta sent me a text over the weekend that he will be here in KL for work. We know each other in varsity through OCF. It's been about 10 years that we didn't see each other. Gosh.. time flies...

So, I picked him up from his hotel after work. We are supposed to go to Jalan Alor, but, it's been raining. So, we settled with Madam Kwan in KLCC.

And after dinner, went back to the hotel lobby and continue to chat. So much to catch up. Then, his colleagues from global joined and yes. It was fun to get to know people and how all these IT people works.

I went back very late.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CNY Feel

I went to meet up with Khim. I know her through the OCF reunion. And we met at 1U and it's near to CNY.

Always nice to catch up with friend. :) And I need to make more time for this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It's been my mind to appreciate them (Alex, Sherine, Karim & Boon Hwa) for taking care and supporting throughout 2007. And I wanted to do it before CNY. So, I arranged.

It's easy to decide the time but not the venue. I checked with Szet-Anne and Hazel to get some info as I remembered reading Hazel's blog something about pancake. And Hazel was already in HK. ha.. Well, thank God, I managed to talk to her via MSN. (Thanks, Hazel. Good recommendation).

And we went to Paddington House of Pancake. None of us have been there except Alex & Pat. We were so excited to try something new-new. 138 menus. pengsan... and only managed to decided after 30 minutes of looking the menu and asking the waiter.

Karim ordered Dollar pancake. Well, since it's CNY, so, everyone has to eat at least a Dollar. :) And I think I know why some people has more $$ than the others. (My logic: eat more Dollar, get more $$ lor...)

Hotdog with cheese was yummy as well.

Then, our Amsterdam pizza got flooded cos Boon Hwa was too excited. Poor Amsterdam pizza.

The food was great. I like it, at least. And I had a good time too.

Note: When I said, I pay. It means I pay not I eat, have fun and enjoyed. pengsan... I wonder if the communication gone wrong somewhere or it's generation gap?!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Best Friend's Wedding

Susanna informed me of her wedding and asked me to get Air Asia. At the end, I fly with MAS to Miri. About RM200 different and I think MAS will be better.

I knew Susanna in university. Then, we grew close and closer and we are good friend. It's hard to find good friend in the 'real' world. And I treasure all my friendship.

So, I went. Just for the wedding.

I don't know why I ended in the brothers' team instead of sisters. Anyway, I still went to her house and her sister quickly let me go to Susanna's room. haha.. :D

And went through the traditional tea ceremony. Then, went back to the resort to rest. Then, evening came for her dinner.

It was a grand dinner. And I was the guest of honor (bribe's good friend wor) and I have the privilege to be at the main table.

I stayed back after dinner just to have more time to talk to her as I have an early flight back to KL the next morning.

It's cool that they sent me to airport using the wedding car. It's a convertible Brunei Merz. Don't play-play.

And I made the crosstich for them as their wedding present.

Susanna & Max, 一定要幸福哦!!!