Monday, August 29, 2011


It's another Shanghai trip. A number of people envy me for able to travel so often, frankly, it's not that fun. I used to be of those, now, that I know. Nothing so great. Infact, it's very tiring.

One evening, a colleague took us out for dinner. Steamboat. I cannot imagine having steamboat in the summer. Anyway, we went. It was raining. And the restaurant was with air-cond. They have started to order. And I let them since they appear to be more experience. The soup came as individual which I quite like the idea. Scallops were huge. One dish that I find it scary was the fish. The fish didn't actually died yet, they sliced the meat and present the fish (still living and grasping for air). OK. I find this aweful and cruel. yeewww..... Overall, it was an OK dinner, aside that horrible fish experience.

On Saturday, another colleague took me out. As I told her about the 水蜜桃 that my parents have been descriping to me. Then, I realised, it's just peaches. So, what's so special. I bought a few back to try in the hotel. It's special, not only that it's big, juicy and it's sweet. Not very sweet, but, not the sourish taste as those from NZ/ Oz. Then, I wonder how could I buy and bring home. It needs to be hand carry as it is so fragile. Let's think....

Of course, we went for lunch and dessert. One thing I find is that the dish presentation is very important.
I was meeting up Hong Seek (someone from Rantau) for dinner. And he has some of his cell members. We went to this place call 小小花园 (little garden). It's located at a very quiet street. Actually, it's a house, they have converted the downstairs to restaurant. They serve western food. Wow... the outside of the place doesn't give one the impression of dining there at all. But, inside. Wow!!! Nice.. they have covered their garden and with transparent roof where one is able to see the skyline still. And the food... yummy... Especially, the dessert. That I didn't even have the chance to take pictures. Only that I am not comfortable as they have few cats in there.

We changed from living hall to garden to another hall throughout the entire dinner. Not because of me. But, we wanted to have a different experience of dining at different place. It's really a cozy place to hang-out.

Oh... their hot chocolate fudge is really super nice....

What else? On Sunday, Christine and her family and I went to Science Center. Yeah... shopping.. it's located at underground, yet, with air-cond. It's quite similar to Chatuchak in BKK, or Petaling Street. But, it's a lot of bigger.

On the way, I saw this kid with 爆炸裤 (bomb blast pants). In fact, most of the local will let the kids to wear like that. They don't wear diapers. Rich or poor, all the same. It's so funny. And imagine, winter to be dressed like that too. oh... poor little butt get frozen....

As we walked back at night, after the 'melting' Haagan Dazs, as the weather was too hot. I saw this tallest building glowing. It's hard to get a clear skyline.

I stayed just behind Nanjing Road. So, I did try to walk a little this time, especially after work. It's a very happening street. A few times, few person came up to me asking me to have my hair cut, they told me they will style it so nicely, etc. It's kinda scary as they are very aggressive.

So, about the peaches. I went to buy some the day before I depart. I told the seller, I am going to bring them up to aeroplane and it's as a gift. So, they wrap them in boxes and arranged them so nice (again presentation) for me. Now, I need to carry 2 big paper bags on flight. It's another story that I managed to get 1 laptop bag + 2 big paper bags pass through the custome in China. ;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus

Somehow the few of us have the urge to climb. But, all of us do not want too much challenge. We knew that there were a group who are going for Mt. K on Merdeka is climbing as well. But, we don't want to join them. Thus, we decided to use the Bukit Putus route.

This route is steep at the beginning, thereafter easy climb/ walk. And one does not cross any river.

4 of us met at McD at Senawang. We started the climb at about 7.30am or slightly before. For I have not done climbing for a long time, I find it still quite challenging at the beginning. If not mistaken, we took about 1.5 hours to reach the peak. Rested, had some of our food.

Eunice brought along an interesting self heating chocolate drink to share with us. I don't think one can get it in Malaysia. It's not super nice. But, it's nice to have hot drink. :)

We started to descend. And no, we didn't wait for our friends coming up from Ulu Bendul way. On the way down, we saw Panjang Angsi coffee shop was open and he was serving coffee to many climbers. Thumbs up!! :)

We reached the based at around 11.30am and went for lunch before each of us go back and continue the other activities. We took a group of Singaporean whom we met on the climb for curry noodle in Senawang as lunch.

I realised that we didn't take much photos as we climb more often. Could it be we start to take that as an exercise/ routine already?