Friday, January 20, 2012

pre-CNY 2012

It's Chinese New Year and normally we have the custom of getting together and celebrate. Though this year, I have left the company, I went back and look for them for a CNY lunch. Oh, ET (Eng Teng) left the company too. Well, as I will be away for CNY to San Jose, California, for work on the 3rd day and only returned on the 15th day. It means that I am and will not have the chance to enjoy yu-sang.

So, this was the only yu-sang I had for this Chinese New Year.

And before that, we had some appetizer (supposed to be dessert) brought by Cheng all the way from Bangkok. He just got back the day before the lunch. It looks like preserved fruits. But, once tried. It's NOT. It is green bean paste inside. It's nice. :) Just that the colouring was too much! :|

It was indeed good to be able to catch-up. :) Looking forward for another great catching-up!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

cathing up

It's the first catching up with friends in the new year.

Initially, we didn't expect Karim to come back from BKK and joined us. So, we (Sherine, Boon Hwa, Michelle, Alex) planned for a late breakfast of bak-kut-teh at Bukit Raja. Especially as Boon Hwa and Alex has something to do in the afternoon.

It's really a super heavy meal especially for one who doesn't take rice in the morning. We have ordered the dried and the soup based type. Personally, I think the soup based is nicer (though I am not a pork lover because of the smell)..

The place is less pack as we arrived in the morning, later, we found more and more people and there were some who stood by the table and waited.

Later, we went to Ali Corner to have another round of catching up because Karim joined us. However, Alex have to leave due to the appointment has has made earlier.