Saturday, September 26, 2009

Broga Hill, Semenyih

Saw pictures posted by friends to Broga Hill recently and make me wanted to go.

So, I sent out emails asking colleagues and friends, talked to friends over MSN. OK, a few wanted to go and we thought maybe 17th Oct is good.

At about 6++pm yesterday, Fong sent me a text asking what if going tomorrow (ie, today). Why not, more than happy to go, though none of us know how to get there. hahaha...

At 10++pm or 11++pm, she text me and confirm going. Ya... sounded a bit crazy. I called up another friend and keen as well. OK. Let's prepare. And we realised, we have no food (eg. bread or banana, etc..) but, well, just go. Fong's friend, LKK, has been there last week and saying that it's easy climb. I was thinking since I have not done any exercise (wanted to sleep than walk), so not wanting to take it for granted.

Then, those from KL arranged their own timing and transport. Us from Seremban arranged ours. So, I got to wake-up at 4am to pick Fong up at her place before 5am and meet up Cheng and Min Chee at 5.15am at Bukit Lemon. Why so early? We are supposed to be at University of Nottingham at 6.15am.

This morning, my alarm went off and everything was as scheduled. Well, we arrived there about 6am and found out that those from KL were still at Seri Kembangan. hmm.... Then, we asked the guard at the university and decided to meet the guys at the palm oil estate instead.

It is located about 3KM away from University of Nottingham, turn off at the traffic light ahead, palm oil estate behind a rabbit farm. One can see (carefully) that many cars would park on the roadside or in the palm oil plantation.

So many cars there already by the time we arrived. Finally, the guys arrived and we started our journey. Well, I must say it wasn't as steep as Panaroma Hill, but, it can also be a challenge. It was dark and we needed torch light.

Would propose to go a bit earlier, hence no rush and do it slowly and able to take more photos.

Soon, we arrived at Peak #1, a flat area with lots of people. Didn't spend too much time here and we proceeded to Peak #2. Some good samaritans actually make steps on the hill for easy walking. Peak #2 was crowded too. But, the sun started to come out and we spent a bit more time here taking pictures. The cool breeze was so nice that helps to cool us down. LKK said we took 45 minutes to reach Peak #1 which could be done in 30 minutes. Not sure. Maybe.... :S

Peak #3, short distance away, where the big rock is. We spent a lot more time here taking more pictures. haha.... Ladies... The view was really nice.

And went on to Peak #4 where I saw ladder and string which immediately reminded me of Gunung Datuk. Well, this is the mini version. We saw a group of young Malays actually changed into Malay costume and taking pictures which was really cool. Then, Min Chee suggested we do something like this in CNY. Cheng said, in Cheong Sam?! I said, only make it here gets their ang-pao.. hahah... We didn't spend too much time at Peak #4 as the surface is quite small.

Going down can be quite slipperly though. Thank God the steps were made to make it easier. At one point, we gotta stopped due to the amount of people (traffic jam) which reminded us of the crowd we experience in Panaroma Hill.

There's no tree on the hill, the entire hill is full of lalang (cogongrass/ reeds/ straw).

After that, we went for nasi lemak with Milo as our breakfast which was really yummy. Nasi lemak and Milo really compliment each other...

I enjoyed the trip. Thank you all for making it happend though this was quite last minute and ad-hoc. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fireworks in office???

Suddenly, I heard the sound boom boom.... and I looked-up and out... wah... so nice... But, it was too late when I had my camera. So, I continued talking with my colleague + brother. Then, again, now, i had my camera on the table.. so, i went to the window. Shutter is really slow as I turned it to fireworks mode...

Still, it's so nice..

Where's that coming from? I think from Kelana Jaya....

So, it's not all the time so bad to stay in the office till so late. Not also to say that I like to stay till so late... But, u know what I meant, don't u? :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home made cakes....

Was supposed to pick-up the jelly mooncake from cousin last Friday. But, since I was to KL and not able to do so, she came delivered to our house this evening. And all the more was all the way from USJ. So touching..

On top of it, she also made yam cake.... Sooooo yummy.... :) She is such warm hearted.

Both items are for open to order and purchase. It's really nice...

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Realised that I have learnt quite a number of new languages through the mission trip. It's fun... and the most exciting part is that I am still able to use some Burmese locally as there are some Myanmar ppl in Malaysia. It is very exciting, at least for me to know so many languages... Example as below:















Thank you


Terima kasih




very delicious


sangat sedap/ enak-nya

a-loy mak-mak









minta maaf


xin loi

don't understand


tidak faham



toilet/ washroom





nha ve sinh

It's so strange that I spent so much time with Korean and I didn't learn any Korean from them, but, all other languages. :)

Conclusion: I like to go mission trip. Aside learning the languagues and culture, I was blessed a lot which is really cool....

Dinner: crabs....

Went to eat what we were supposed to have last weekend - crabs. Not my favourite, still..... I prefer the fish head noodle and the chicken better.

Then, we went the Era walk for nyonya cendul. arh.... this is what I like, I like cendol and ABC (air batu campur)/ ice kacang. Yupe... and they gave me my favourite ice cream, vanilla flavour. hahahaha...