Tuesday, March 25, 2008

See-ya, Morten Lundal

Morten was my CEO in DiGi. At last, this was the day to have a full stop in DiGi. He will be starting a new Chapter in Vodafone, UK.

Well, my 1st contact with Morten was in IC. And more IC meetings.

The more recent event that I remembered very well was he was actually working with me in getting the 2008 Capex Plan slide for Telenor and Board. He is a person who truly lives up to the DiGi values. He will talk and work at all levels.

Another incident was where he visited Finance, and he walked pass our (me, Viveen and Christine) tables and commented that we have the messiest table in DiGi. Well, I was having 1 desktop, 1 laptop and there were food on our table.

And now, he is actually leaving us for his new chapter.
Speeches were given by Johan (new CEO, ex-CFO, ex-CMO), Morten himself, reps from various divisions.

Sarah, Morten's wife, joined the party.

It's how amazing we turned townhall to a party ballroom. It's the same place where we turned it in to D'Spa.

At the end, Morten went off in a Pronto Saga. He has never been in Proton.

Will always remember you as my CEO. See-ya, Morten. Take care.

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Unknown said...

Yeah.. He'll be always our CEO.. Let's see what Johan can inject into this new DiGi..