Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

It's Karim's birthday... I told him that both of us will have generation gap after his birthday.. hahah...

Both uncle and I planned to take him for dinner few weeks/ months(?) ago and we literally asked if he could spare the actual day for us. Knowing that he is so popular and in demand. And he said, ok... hurray!! Since then, nothing being planned cos, we were too bz. :(

And on today's uncle was debating with me on where to go. Well, I have been having full day back-to-back meeting from Monday and continue to today. I just said any where. And since it's consider Karim's big birthday. Then, at the end, I asked the birthday boy. And he wanted to go Rakuzen (boring?, maybe...) and near us.

And we were supposed to have a small surprised cake for him. But, he somehow found out from my sms... aiks...

Blessed Birthday, Karim!!! :)