Monday, October 31, 2011


It was quite complicating to finally fixed this gathering. Our friend, Karim, is leaving the country to join Dtac in Bangkok, Thailand soon. So, we thought of having a gathering (no one likes farewell) until we meet again. So, finally, the time and the venue set.

And, it is quite a mixed feeling of this gathering/ reunion. Happy to see each other and yet unsure when will we meet again.

We have decided to meet at Delicious, Mid Valley.

Aside food, we enjoyed the company of each other very much. Karim just got back from his NZ trip, so, he was having some jetlag.

Sherine and Michelle put in a lot of effort to make an album for Karim. Hoping he will remember us. Well, at least, he was surprised and he really spent time reading and going through all the pictures and words.

So, since uncle Boon Hwa and I had our birthday in October. Our birthdays were celebrated too.

We had a good time together.

Wishing Karim all the best in his future undertaking. Hope we will have more get together.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Planetshakers Concert

Came across this Christian band will be having concert in Malaysia on Facebook. Though I don't know many of their songs, I do like the few songs that I had. Then, I asked a few friends if they would go with me. Well, it's kinda weird, though acceptable, to go alone. I suppose it's better to go in a gang.

So, I asked Viveen, and she said yes. Then, I saw Lee Nyiuk online. Mentioned to her and she wanted to go as well. So, I went to get the ticket and they still have 3. Yeah!!

On the day, I went to meet up with Viveen, we went for some shopping before met up with Lee Nyiuk at PJ. So, there were many youths. We were 'seated' at the balcony, though we ended up standing most of the time.

Then, the pastor shared about Christ. John 3:16, at a total new perspective that I have not heard. I suppose that's the way to target for youth. :)

Well, I had fun at the concert. It's my first ever Christian concert. And, I like it. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pastor Rainier Schmidt

Agape invited Pastor Rainier for an evangelistic meeting. Pastor Rainier is from Germany and have won many medals in paralympics as well as many games in Europe on ping-pong.

He said, without Jesus, it is impossible. He has such joy despite being handicapped. I was indeed touched and inspired by him.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day-off with Logos crews cum friends

It was since Dec 2010 that I got to know those that I met at mission trip in Turning Point, London will be sailing on Logos ship. And they will stop at Malaysia. It was exciting to know that we will be meeting again. We continued to keep in touch with our friendships via technology, facebook. Though the timing wasn't really and the schedule of the ship docking at Port Klang has been changed a few times.

Logos is the largest floating book store in the world where it will go from port to port, country to country, docking and welcoming everyone to visit her. There are many books on board for one to read and buy at a reasonal price.

Finally, Eunji sent out the schedule and we make plans to meet. It was really hard to find the time for all to meet on the same day. As both Eunji and Jay have been promoted to team leader at the kitchen while Alexandra has duty on that day. Thus, I took leave on that day and Angela is working freelance.

Both Angela and I went to Port Klang to fetch Eunji and Jay out at 9am. It was so exciting seeing both of them walking out the jetty. They ran towards the car and we gave each other a big tight hug. It was really awesome seeing them. :)

Since we were in Klang, we went for pak-kut-teh (herbal prok ribs), and Korean likes port too. It was delicious brunch.

Then, next. Since the girls preferred outdoor and Sunway lagoon was too expensive for half a day event. We went for Putrajaya instead. So, we ended up at Pullman Hotel. We took picture. Enjoyed a cold fresh juices. Then, next, cycling. Yes! It's a bit insane to cycle at about 1pm. We all had fun. If it's not because of the rain, we would have done more. It was really fun spending time together. Relaxing.. End result: I got myself really tanned. And I know it's going to take months or year to get fair again. But, it didn't really matter as long as we had a good time.

So, what do we want for late lunch? Eunji tried durian before. So, she wanted for durian. Durian has not been my friend, and so does Jay. We left Eunji and Angela to enjoy the durian while we went for Mong-kok-cha-chan-teng for hong kong style food. I had dumpling. Eunji came and she enjoyed my dumpling soup. :)

After late lunch, it was time for pasar malam (night market) at SS2 as it's Monday. It is one of the place where one is able to see a lot of things. We walked around pasar malam. Tried on the peanut soup. And it poured like cats and dogs again. So, instead of having shelter at Maybank, we went over to have dessert (hot) while waiting for the rain to stop before continue walking.

Then, Angela said, let's go for dinner though all of us were still very full. But, the dinner place will be pack if we don't go early, so, we have no choice. We ordered roast duck and fried hokkian mee. Where is this? It's at Damansara Uptown. And yes, both were super yummy. The Koreans love the lard so much! And the noodle was so tasty that though we were full, we still kept eating. So, all of us ended up with no more waist (ie, fat). Then, we went off carrying our stomach. It was really way too much food for the day.

Instead of heading back to Port Klang, we would like to spend more time still. So, Angela said, let's go to Sunway Pyramid. So, there we were. Walking and enjoy the lights. We ended the eating spree with Starbucks. :)

Then, it is time to send the girls back to the ship. We prayed in the car before saying good-bye. Really, after this, we really do not know when will we meet again. Yet, surely, we will meet again. :)

Take care and God bless you my friends. It has been a blessings to know both of you, Eunji and Jay. And Alex, we miss you so much.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Called Pastor Mabel and Yen-Ching for lunch on a Friday. Then, they decided to visit this newly opened Taiwanese restaurant at Era Walk. The ambience is really cosy and nice. Personally, I find the food ok, edible. But, I may go for other options the next round. ;)