Thursday, January 3, 2013

Start of 2013

Started 2013 with packed activities.. Good or bad?! 

1 Jan - 2 Jan: 

8.30am: Dropped things at Karim's place, sister's place. 

10am: Met Viveen to go to Mid Valley to meet Audrey Ho for lunch, appointment at 11am

2pm: Viveen and I went shopping where I bumped into Albert Wang waiting for his wife and daughter. Viveen was looking for sports shoes, I was looking for a smartphone. Ended up neither of us got anything, we had the $, but, no stock for us. sigh... :( 

5pm: Back to Viveen's place. Went to mamak stall with Karim and Derek. 

6pm: Derek sent Karim to airport, while I went to meet Lee Nyiuk. 

8pm: Dinner with Lee Nyiuk

8.30pm: Back to her place. Showered, settled. Started talking/ sharing and praying

12midnight: Zzzzz.... 

6am (2 Jan): Woke up ready to work

7am: Arrived office, started the day

4.30pm: Left work to home, to avoid the jam and rain. Still caught in the jam for almost 2 hours

8pm: Met Ling Ling for dinner

I was very glad and very blessed to be able to catch-up with each and every one though it was kinda packed. :)