Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner @ Rakuzen, Subang Jaya

We have planned dinner with Uncle Boon Hwa for Mon - Wed and ended up only able to make it on Tuesday due to his visa.

Karim wanted to have Japanese. So, we went to Rakuzen @ SS15 Subang Jaya (opposite SJMC). We quite like this place as it's cosy and the food is quite nice as well at reasonable price. Both of them said that it's nicer than the one we had at PJ Hilton. :)

So, I had mini udon and chicken. Karim as usual had teppanyaki and Uncle Boon Hwa had some fish, I think. My portion was quite a lot. I was almost full after the noodle though.
It was nice. Half way eating, more ppl came and Karim spotted someone unexpected, Datuk Seri Shazzalli Ramly, CEO of Celcom. Wah.. quite shocking as he just sit at open area and not requesting for a room or whatsoever.. Quite humble/ simple, I reckon. (look at the background, it's blocked a bit)
Then, we ordered some dessert. Yeah.. we have decided to try something new. So, I have ordered Yukimi Daituku (Vanilla ice cream wrapped with rice skin), Itachoco Monaka (Vanilla wafer ice cream with thick chocolate) and Yuzu sorbet (refreshing citron sorbet). All were nice. Yummy..... :)

We will go back to Rakuzen for more food.. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010


Have been saying wanted to learn one music instrument since last year or earlier. Have learned piano before, hence, the easiest would be to pick up piano again. Well, I was thinking to play guitar or saxophone though. Since I have had touched guitar in NZ while studying, I thought it was quite fun though torturing to the fingers.

Also, guitar is kinda easy to carry around.

Then, after the mission trip, I really find that I want to pick up something for the ministry (with much hesitation on my gifting in music).

I came to know about Earth Productions after attended Chinese Service. It was where we had guest speaker and I took the pamphlet and took the courage to call up and found out the class.

Yeah!!! I am in my 2nd lessons now. Yes.. fingers still very painful and I am still learning D and A chords. hmm...

Finally, I got myself a guitar with the limited budget I have. My teacher helped me to choose as I have no knowledge in it at all. So, I shall practise more now. :) Fingers, please work with me. It's fun, fun, fun though pain, pain, pain. I need to learn to strum and also to change chord also with tempo.

Interesting.... :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farewll Dinner: NE, NPM

NE, NPM took the org change to have a farewell dinner with everyone as the whole team is now being changed. Some remain, some gone, some gone totally different path. wow.. I do not know how the others feel. For sure, my heart doesn't feel good at all.

Was asked to join the team though I am not part of the team. What a privilege/ honor to be appreciated and take as important. :)

I was travelling after class at Kelana Jaya to SS 2 to meet a friend, then, back to Subang Parade for the dinner. :)

Thanks for the dinner and thanks guys for a good time together... :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Neighbour's wedding

Neighbour's having dinner. The daughter was having marriage. This was the 2nd time a Malay custom wedding held near my place.

Was told that the whole family was invited for the kenduri. wow... it was interesting. We just walked over, like 3 doors away. Then, we get permission to go into the house.. wow.. I have not been to any, though mom is an expert in this. We went to the bride's room too. Wow... so many gifts from the bribe to the groom. And not cheap wor..

Then, the groom came after we got home. Of course, I still can take picture. hmm... it was interesting ceremony. I just wonder if there is different customs for different states as Negeri Sembilan is following Adat Berpateh (girl's power).. haha...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Farewell Dinner: Uncle Boon Hwa

I hate to say good-bye. Even harder to say to someone close. I find that each time, I am unsure how to manage my emotion. Maybe I take relationship too hard.

Uncle told me that he resigned. I felt so sad, well, I couldn't cry in the office as it wasn't good. Then, I went home, I couldn't sleep and I cried myself to sleep that night. It was hard, really hard for me. Though as a friend, I should be glad for uncle, it is hard especially with so many changes in the office and all the close ones are leaving one after another. So, I ended up crying so much in the month of March. And it's still have 1 week or so before March is over, I hope no more crying. Praying...

Then, it came the time to have farewell dinner arranged by Michelle with the TMT. I struggled to attend the dinner. Too many changes at the same time and I have ran out of masks.

After struggling for few days, I went with much hesitation.

The dinner was at the Japanese restaurant at PJ Hilton. I didn't have appetite to eat, still, I ordered a curry chicken udon. Well, I like the curry, not so much of the chicken. So, I finished the udon with lots of chicken leftover. Alex had some chicken with rice and I think he enjoyed it. While Karim was saying that he prefers the Japanese at Rakuzen which is anytime better. wow... Others? I am not sure what did they have. :s

Well, I have make uncle to give a speech and we have contributed to get uncle a small gift.

Then, we ordered dessert. hmm... aside ice cream, I had some special dessert from Japan with fruits. hmm... indeed it was special.

Overall, it was a 'polite' dinner. It was alright. And I jammed and used 1.5 hour or more to get back to Seremban on that evening. gosh....

Surely I will miss uncle...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gunung Gap & Gunung Ulu Semangkuk (Semangkok)

Earlier a friend, Henry asked if I could like to join them for the climb which I couldn't due to some pre-arranged activities. Then, another friend (LKK) has actually mentioned and planned this for quite some time. I wasn't sure if I could make it as there were at least 2 big meetings for preparation (Roller Coaster & BoD preparation) right after the climb. Also, I wasn't sure if I would be fit enough for the climb. I wasn't been sleeping well, too much work, was working almost 24x7 for 2 weeks before that.

Still, I have decided to go or else I will be sitting in front of my machine bf (computer lar for the weekend). Then, I was told that the route that we wanted to use (via Kuala Kubu Baru) will be closed for Langkawi cycling. Hence, we have to change the meeting point at Bentong point (as if I know where). Since I car pool with Karim and to pick-up Kang Bee + Siew Leh (sisters) on the way. I departed from house at 5am and reached BK4 at 6am.

We were on-time reaching the tol, but, at the end, we spent time waiting for others. After more waiting, breakfast and winding road, we finally arrived at Fraser Hill at ~10am. There were already so many climbers. And it's my 1st time to Fraser Hill. :D

So, we started climbing at 10.30am. There were about 86 of us if not mistaken. A huge group.

The trail started with a very narrow entrance. And steep too. Then, a bamboo place which reminds me of Nuang. The trail was steep. I wasn't feeling well and finally thrown-out (a bit lar).. And I took it slowly. So many times, I have told Karim to go ahead as I know there are ppl behind and some ahead of me. But, he has accompanied me till the peak of G. Gap. Kang Bee and Siew Leh was no way to be seen after the initial 30 minutes. I knew I wasn't fit as I didn't have enough sleep. It was such a torture that I felt like turning back. hmm....

We arrived at the peak of Gunung Gap after 1 hour climb and saw Kang Bee there waiting for me. G. Gap is 1,183m high. We didn't see many people there thinking they would have gone ahead. For sure Siew Leh was not where to be seen and even Kang Bee said she cannot see her sister. So, we rested awhile (5 minutes) and continue for another gunung (moutain).

Now, we have to go down and hike up again. hmm..... Well, it wasn't as steep as the 1st part. So, it was alright. We saw a lot of fallen tree trunk on the way, and the plants were all moist, due to the height(?). Overall, it wasn't hot, the weather was just nice for climbing. It wasn't winding or cold as well. Just nice. oh.. we met Siew Leh as we go up, she was on her way down... wow...

Karim has decided to go ahead while both Kang Bee and me took our time for the next climb. On the way, we met an uncle who offered us yong-tau-fu. So sweet. And another couple were trying to clear up the bush. The trail wasn't as clean or as wide as other mountains that I have climb/ hike. It's more virgin here.

Towards the peak, it was a sharp V shape that we need to descend and assend (rocks and slippery). It was tough and scary. We took 2 hours from G. Gap to G. Ulu Semangkok (1,394m). It was tiring. There were no view to be seen on top of the moutain. It was a bit disappointing, no wind, nothing at all. :( Well, some friends of LKK, sifu zai and gang actually carried watermelon (8.2kg!!!), honeydew, eggs, instant noodles, water and picnic on the peak. Wow.... I struggled to carry myself and they carry so much food. *so memalukan*

As the peak area is rather small (maybe can fit 20 ppl comfortably), we started to descend after 30 minutes. Oh.. it was tougher to descend. I fall once, from the beginning and Kang Bee actually fall 4 times. hahaha.... Thank God no injury, only pain on the backside. :D

We took 2.5 hours to descend. Both Kang Bee & I spent time with each other. Knowing each other better through the trip. :) After cleaning up (there have toilet with no proper shower facility, but, clean). We waited for awhile before decided to start the journey home. (we found out Maxis has no coverage there... hehe...)

At least now the road was not so winding as we choose to go back via KKB. And the view on the way was magnificient. There were lakes on the way which we didn't stop by. (Could have).

Arrived KL at about 6.30pm and I got back to home about 9pm.

It was tiring and yet enjoyable trip. Thanks for organising. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dinner at Delicious, Bangsar

A dinner was planned and suggested by both uncles (Uncle Boon Hwa and Uncle Karim). And it was decided to go to Delicious at Bangsar Village. Bangsar - (to me) a place filled with high income ppl, high class place, and most important: an expensive place. Well, since they wanted to go and once awhile. I just follow.

And since I am not familiar with that part of the world, we have decided to car follow car. hmm...

So, we left office. Only that I found out my car has ran out of battery. Called Uncle BH that they to go ahead as I need to contact AAM to fix my battery. As I was talking on the phone, those 2 uncles came and pushed my car and it started. And they insisted that I still go for dinner. And saying they will push my car again if unable to start. aiks.... It's so not me that I will go despite the car condition. (by force lar...). And it's so surprised and touched that I have such good + caring uncles to help me and take care of me.. Hugs... Imagine this: front and back is BMW 325i while middle is Proton Wira 1.5L. hahaa.... Shouldn't I feel proud that I have 2 BMWs as my bodyguard?! hahaah... =D

So, the dinner. It was ok. The food was alright. Uncle Karim ordered green curry, uncle Boon Hwa had duck and I had soya chicken. Uncle BH helped me to eat most of it. hahaha... As I wasn't hungry. He said his duck was a bit tough. hmm... Don't know why that I didn't eat so much like weeks before where I have been eating non-stop (hungry all the time mar)... The company was great.

I went back to Sban after dinner praying that I could get back safely. :) Thank God, He provided and protected. Got home safely and thereafter the car really decided not to start any more.

Overall, I thank God for sending such nice ppl into my life. (I was crying when I got to know that uncle BH is leaving the company as I will surely miss him a lot.....)