Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jakarta trip

It was a planned Jakarta church visit trip with Chinese church.

Indeed, we were blessed by a lot in Jakarta by the local church, staffs, pastors, ministries.

It was also the first time that I witnessed deliverance, it told me that we cannot allow any gap/ opportunity for the evil one to live in us. We should always look upon the Lord.

On Saturday, after attended the working adults, we rushed to Chinese cell group. It was really awesome doing and serving God in this way. :)

We attended 3 back-to-back services on Sunday: Hokkian, Bi-langual (Indon & mandarin) and Mandarin. It was a fantastic feeling. I never feel tired whenever I am in the house of the Lord. I really love dwelling in the house of the Lord. :)

Pastor Ramli took us to Puncak for overnight. A sister has a weekend home and we really enjoyed our time there.

It was indeed a very blessed trip. And seeing the revival and the hunger of Indonesian going after God's heart, it really encouraged me a lot.

Thank you Lord and all for the opportunities. :)

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